Our Advisory Board

BizLatte's advisory board gets their hands dirty. They spend hours providing advice, insights, and decades of industry knowledge with a central goal of helping us reach more people for career advancement. The BizLatte team appreciates the tough questions, hard truths, and challenges presented by the advisroy board. View our current members below. 

John Arcidiacono

John has decades of experience as a marketing executive where he has helped companies build awareness and drive revenue through marketing campaigns. He was formerly the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at MD Anderson Cancer Center and before that the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Stewart Title Guaranty Company.

Currently, he is the owner of JAA Marketing Consulting where he utilizes his passion and successful experience to help organizations achieve business goals through marketing efforts.

He has earned the reputation for building strong relationships and leveraging strategic business decisions to achieve market positioning, business objectives and sales targets. His interests and talents are applicable across multiple industries in early stage and mature enterprises, small to large.

John helps BizLatte by asking the tough questions and not settling for timid answers.

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Aaron Massecar

Aaron is a modern day Renaissance man. He holds a PHD in Philosophy, is a seasoned college lecturer, has multiple publications to his name, is a speaker and blogger, and is the founder of Mass Habit Consulting. 

As a consultant, he guides teams to best practices and creates management performance systems, including a Levels of Mastery program to incentivize increased capabilities regarding hiring, coaching, motivation, sales, and team learning.

He has taught at the University of Guelph in a range of courses including, Metaphysics, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Technology, Semiotics, Introduction to Philosophy, and a course on Kant and Hegel.

Aaron has expanded the thought-process of what BizLatte can become and how to help more millennials advance their career. 

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