Alejandro I. Sanoja

Alejandro I. Sanoja is a serial entrepreneur and the Creative Director of Elisha Consulting, a company that helps businesses design memorable brand experiences by combining anthropology, economics, and marketing principles. 

Alejandro is passionate about learning and sharing ideas, and he is obsessed with personal development. He has been challenged to learn and grow in different environments.

Alejandro was born and raised in Venezuela, where he attained a bachelor's degree in Economics.  At the C. T. Bauer College of Business MBA program, the place Where Awesome Happens, Alejandro learned how to break the barriers of being an introvert and a non-native English speaker to define and achieve success on his own terms. This allowed him to go from almost dropping out of college to graduating at the top of his MBA class by receiving the Outstanding MBA Student Award of Spring 2017. 

Having had the opportunity to work and live in 3 different countries, Alejandro has learned that to power through the obstacles life will throw at us we must have a strong purpose. Having a clear "Why" has allowed him to transform excuses into reasons. 

Oh, and he takes his coffee black. It strikes fear into the hearts of his adversaries. 


  • Designed and delivered pitches for a $10 million equities fund, a $1 million venture fund, & for non-profits, attaining a 100% approval rate
  • Developed and executed a marketing strategy that grew a following of 55,000+, on Instagram, in less than 16 months
  • Conducted training workshops for an organization that has helped launch 53 businesses with 37% of them receiving third-party funding
  • Awarded Outstanding MBA Student Spring 2017 
  • Guest lecturer at the Cougar Investment Fund - Bauer MBA Program
  • Guest lecturer at the Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship Program (SURE) - Bauer MBA Program
  • TEDx Speaker


Keynote Speaking / Workshops / Panels / Q&A

For speaking engagements please send an email to

Alejandro has spoken at TEDx events, conferences, industry panels, startup competitions, at non-profit organizations, and as a guest lecturer at the Bauer MBA program. He reaches an audience of 55,000+ Instagram followers and almost 1,000 unique visitors per month on his blog.



  • Positive Suffering

Life is neither easy nor fair. The only common variable is that we all are going to face obstacles and uncomfortable situations. Alejandro has faced obstacles in different languages, countries, industries, and disciplines, and has always find a way to overcome these obstacles. He was the bench-warmer of his basketball team for several years and ended up playing competitive basketball during high school and college. He almost dropped out of college and later was able to graduate at the top of his MBA class.

Got obstacles? Alejandro has a process and methodology to help you overcome these by developing a mindset of "Positive Suffering". 

  • The Networking Gym

At the BizLatte NetworKings Bootcamp (BNBC), we work with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them develop the necessary skills to build a network of purposeful and like-minded individuals that will allow them to advance their careers and grow their business.

We go through the basics of opening, maintaining, and closing conversations at networking events. The tools and practical exercises that we share will allow the participants to build meaningful relationships with anyone they meet. These relationships could mean future colleagues, clients, or business partners. 

More info here. 

  • Pitch Like a Boss

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you KNOW how to do it. Yes, everyone can stand up, talk, and show some power point slides... but that doesn't mean they can present or are communicating their ideas efficiently. Mos importantly, is the audience paying attention? Can you influence them to make a decision that favors you? 

Alejandro has pitched stocks at a $11 million dollar equities fund, investment opportunities at a $1 million dollar venture capital fund, and project opportunities to the board of directors of non-profits, and has attained a 100% acceptance rate for these pitches. This experience has allowed Alejandro to master the art & science of Designing, Decluttering, and Delivering pitches to investors and decision makers and getting the desired results. 


“During my first semester at Bauer MBA, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to be part of the Networking Boot Camp which was brilliantly conducted by Alejandro Sanoja. The Boot Camp provided practical ways of improving my networking skills and helped me better utilize any networking opportunities that came my way. The Boot Camp also offered MBA students like myself, a chance to be engaged with a student body at Bauer. I am grateful that Alejandro put in the time and effort to execute the Boot Camps for us and I look forward to working with Alejandro in the future.” - Nussabeh, MBA Candidate at the C. T. Bauer College of Business in Houston

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Alejandro has read 21 books toward his goal of 30 books.

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