Alejandro I. Sanoja

Learning and sharing ideas are my passions! I am a knowledge and personal development addict.

Thankfully, I have been challenged to do so in different environments:

I was born and raised in Venezuela, where I attained a bachelor's degree in Economics. My professional career has been focused on finance, and I have experience in financial consulting, investment banking, and commercial planning.  

At the C. T. Bauer College of Business MBA program, the place Where Awesome Happens, I learned how to break the barriers of being an introvert and a non-native English speaker to define and achieve success on my own terms. This allowed me to go from almost dropping out of college to graduating at the top of my MBA class by receiving the Outstanding MBA Student Award of Spring 2017. 

Having had the opportunity to work and live in 3 different countries, I have learned that to power through the obstacles life will throw at us we must have a strong purpose. Having a clear "Why" has allowed me to transform excuses into reasons. Currently, I am the Creative Director at Elisha Consulting. 

Oh, and I take my coffee black. It strikes fear into the hearts of my adversaries. 


“During my first semester at Bauer MBA, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to be part of the Networking Boot Camp which was brilliantly conducted by Alejandro Sanoja. The Boot Camp provided practical ways of improving my networking skills and helped me better utilize any networking opportunities that came my way. The Boot Camp also offered MBA students like myself, a chance to be engaged with a student body at Bauer. I am grateful that Alejandro put in the time and effort to execute the Boot Camps for us and I look forward to working with Alejandro in the future.” - Nussabeh, MBA Candidate at the C. T. Bauer College of Business in Houston

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