Bhageshri has been a successful IT professional for close to a decade. Her career included work with many leading technology companies in India and the US. After the birth of her son, she decided to take 18 months off for maternity leave, but was now having trouble getting back into the workforce.

The issues were:

  • Had a tough time bouncing back after a long break
  • Had interviews lined up but wasn’t able to get past the first round for most
  • Desired a job as a Business Analyst, but didn’t know how to “sell” her skills
  • Was eager to get back to work as soon as possible even if that meant taking a less than desirable job
  • Self-confidence was at an all-time low


We first tried to narrow down her job search. She was interviewing for various IT-related roles because she felt she was at the mercy of recruiters and companies and that she had to take whatever she could get. But after some discussion, we established that her ideal job would be a Business Analyst role at a large company in Houston.

With a specific goal in mind, we developed a precise strategy. Since Bhageshri already had an interview for a Business Analyst position set up, the first task was to gain a deeper understanding of the job duties as well as the companies she was interviewing with. We identified 3-4 individuals with whom she could conduct informational interviews.

Over the next week, she used the scripts and informational interview guide provided by BizLatte to build meaningful connections and gather valuable information about what it takes to excel both at the company of choice and the role. She was previously apprehensive about her lack of experience, but with the new information, we were now able to pinpoint the skills and experience she could highlight from prior jobs that would add value to a Business Analyst role.

Next, we worked on her interview skills. While she had a great resume, she lacked confidence in her own abilities, which made it difficult for her to effectively sell her skills. Since she had an interview coming up within the next week, we identified her weaknesses with the interview process, came up with a strategy to address those weaknesses, and conducted a mock interview to prep her. We also discussed networking, salary negotiation, and fine-tuned her resume in case she would have to look for other jobs.

Having been out of the workforce for so long, she also needed help with dressing professionally, so we even worked on putting together a whole new professional wardrobe for her. We also discussed tactics for success at her first 90 days at the job if she were to get it.

In Sum:

  • Set the parameters for her dream job
  • Tackle her fears associated with long absence due to maternity leave and lack of experience for Business Analyst role
  • Set up informational interviews with contacts
  • Provided tactical advice on resume, interviewing, professional dress, and salary negotiation
  • Instilled confidence to sell her skills effectively through discussions and mock interviews


Bhageshri was offered the job as a Senior Business Analyst at Direct Energy at an excellent salary. The overall process lasted 2 months, and while that seems like a relatively short time, this came after nearly 6 unsuccessful months of job searching and getting to the point of near desperation.

Bhageshri was very receptive to the coaching, was open to new ideas, and implemented the advice she was given. While she had the technical skills, she didn’t know her worth, so it was a matter of changing her mindset and instilling the confidence that her dream job was, in fact, within reach.


  • 5 coaching sessions over the phone
  • Coaching questionnaire and e-guides
  • Mock interviews, resume revamp, and negotiation tactics
  • Wardrobe consulting

Bhageshri deserves the credit for landing her dream job. A coach is simply someone who provides tools and guidance to reach a goal. If you are willing to put in the effort, you too can have spectacular results. Click here to learn more.