Millennials are changing the workplace. Rather than staying with one company for decades and working toward a linear path, they want to be purposeful, desire flexible work schedules, and seek consistent coaching and feedback (Forbes). In short, they do not work like previous generations.

This presents a problem for most employers who are unsure of how to lead them. But the fact is, millennials currently make up the largest generation of workers in the United States and are here to stay! (PewResearch)

Businesses can be successful if they learn how to harness the talents of this technologically-savvy, purpose-driven generation in a way that is profitable to the company while also providing meaning to employees.

The BizLatte Approach

At BizLatte, our goal is to work side-by-side with your business by training you to lead millennials and establish a culture where employees love their job and are highly engaged.

How do we do it? Through personal conversations, setting customized goals, having fun while always remaining professional, and achieving sustainable results. With our program, your business will become a place of high retention, strong engagement, effective communication, and a team of committed leaders to propel the overall company.

Our team is composed of international, highly-skilled professionals with a depth of experience. Between us, we have 3 master’s degrees and have worked at the University of Houston, Texas A&M, Houston Community College, Baylor University, Schlumberger, Sysco, Hilton Garden Inn, Williams, AMEC Oil Sands, GE, and Nestle Waters.

Most importantly, we are millennials who understand the complexities of the modern workforce and are uniquely equipped to bridge the employer-employee communication gap.

The Program

Services include:

  • 1-2 Day Immersive Retreat for Team Development  
  • 3-5 Training Sessions for Millennial Leadership Enhancement
  • 6-12 Month Retainer for Total Culture and Process Improvement

Connect with us today to take your team to a higher level.