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Master Your First 90-days of Business School

Are you starting business school or another graduate program?

Are you ready for the long nights, stress, and daily demands? Don't worry, with the right preparation you can set be the next rock-star in your program. All it takes is a proper mindset and strategy. 

Your First 90 Days of Business School is a free guide that will concisely give you the needed steps to get on a path of success. The guide is free and will cover four of your most important first steps in an MBA program:

  • Academic solutions to new terminology, working in groups, how to optimize your time, and resources to improve your grades.

  • Networking insights, everyone will tell you to network, yet you will rarely hear practical advice on learning your networking style and setting clear goals.  

  • Internship advice since many students wait until their second semester before looking for a summer internship/job. That is a huge mistake and you need to begin searching immediately.

  • Extracurricular activities are mandatory and I will help you choose which ones are the best for your goals.

The first three months of business school is stressful, take away some of the intensity with my free guide and let me help you get on the path toward maximizing your MBA.

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