Is Your Company Millennial Ready?

Millennials are changing the workplace. Rather than staying with one company for decades and working toward a linear path, they want to be purposeful, desire flexible work schedules, and seek consistent coaching and feedback (Forbes). In short, they do not work like previous generations.

You might be asking, why do we need to adapt to millennials?

That’s easy.

Companies adapt. We are not saying you need to do everything a millennial asks, instead, we are looking forward to the future. Millennials are already the largest working group in the US and by 2020 they will represent over 50% of all workers globally. Putting together a company culture with millennials in mind is just good business.

Below is our millennial checklist. This is a simple test to see if you are providing a culture where millennials and your company will thrive. We also have an interactive version where you can check the boxes and use at your business for free. For that version, simply click on the button below.