New Channel, Who Dis?

 Pilot Episode : New Channel, Who Dis?

Pilot Episode : New Channel, Who Dis?

Hey universe, welcome to our website, and if you haven’t caught our pilot YouTube Episode yet, welcome to The 9to5 MisFits!

So who are we? Glad you asked! We’re Pavi and Nammy, and we’re the two best friends that anyone can have (Hangover reference for the win) … nah just kidding… but we can be.  We are two currently unemployed chicks trying to survive this phase and navigate all the uncertainty that comes with being out of a job. Plus, we’ve both been unemployed before so that kinda makes us experts … that’s how it works, right? But we realized something different this time around - having each other to go through it with made the process far less painful because we had someone to talk to, set goals with, and hold each other accountable. And that’s when it hit us -- there are so many other people going through the same thing who could definitely use a support system like we have, so that’s what we’re aiming to do here. We want to create a community of like-minded, motivated individuals, and we want people to know they’re not alone. Unemployment is a difficult time as it is without all the stigma and loneliness and other yucky stuff, so we’re aiming to take away all of that and give people hope & the tools they need to not only survive, but crush unemployment like a BOSS.

So let’s get into our stories a little bit. How did we get here and what make us so special, huh? Is it scary how we just read your mind there? Let’s begin with Pavi.

"She’s a chemical engineer by trade (because, Indians … amirite?) who recently got laid off from her job in Oil & Gas. Getting laid off was the worst thing ever -- it felt like death and like her identity was taken. Hands up if you can relate! The only respite was the “layoff cake” she baked and took to work the day of the impending layoffs. With so many people on the chopping block that day, you best believe that was the only bright spot. I mean, let’s be real … there’s no problem in the world that chocolate can’t distract from, right?" - Nammy

"Nammy wishes she had heard that sage advice a few months ago, though, while she became unemployed … could have used a relocation cupcake of her own. Her situation was a little different. She had moved to another city last year to pursue her dream career, but her husband wasn’t able to make the move, so after weighing the options, she decided to quit her job and come back. Womp womp. But it feels different this time. We felt hopeful and excited almost to go through this journey together. How things have changed! The last time we were unemployed, it was a different story. To say we didn’t handle it well is an understatement." - Pavi

"A few years ago, Pavi moved to another country for LOVE (all the batted eyelids) to a new country without a JOB. (Hmm … I’m sensing a pattern here). One too many Hallmark movies later, she was sure LOVE would pay the bills, but reality was a bit different. She soon realized that the job opportunities in her new surroundings weren’t easy to come by, and there was also the issue of adjusting to a foreign land where everything worked differently. Long story short, she went into depression, her relationship struggled, and she lost a ton of weight." - Nammy

"Nammy’s been around the unemployment block as well. She was previously unemployed not too long ago when she quit her fancy corporate life in the hopes of doing some traveling and soul-searching and following her passion. Sounds great, right? So what’s the problem? Well, she didn’t quite prepare for the uncertainty and rejection that are part and parcel of the whole “discovering your passion” thing. After the traveling was done and that initial high had worn off, she had no idea how to function and soon enough all the negativity and self-doubt started to creep in. Suffice it to say, she became one with her couch and the TV remote … not the most effective way to find your dream career, right? " - Pavi

Thankfully, we’ve learned a lot through our missteps, though, and that’s why The 9to5 MisFits exists - so the rest of you don’t have to make the same mistakes. We want to spread joy through our experiences happy or sad and hope that some of our feelings will resonate with you.

The best part is, our message doesn’t just apply to one type of person - there are so many people we hope to reach, including:

  • People who got laid off or let go
  • People who quit voluntarily
  • New grads looking for their first job
  • Mid-career professionals wanting to make a change
  • Retirees encountering some of the same problems that come with the sudden loss of a job
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Temporarily unemployed people on medical leave, maternity leave, sabbatical, etc
  • Muggles … coz not being able to attend Hogwarts is tantamount to torture! (Wait, who put that in here?! Fire the editor.)

So what can you expect from our channel and website? Well, we’ll be tackling a lot of different topics related to crushing unemployment like adding structure to our days, managing budgets and time, job searching, how to deal with failure, and so much more. We are by no means experts in any of this, but we want to create a community of like-minded people and find a productive solution out of unemployment, because if two heads are better than one, 10,000 heads are better than 2 … yay, math! (Ok, ok, economists, cool it with your “point of diminishing returns” stuff!). And we want this to be an interactive experience where we learn from you. So shoot us an email or leave us a comment about what you’d like to see, maybe things you’re struggling with, or resources that have helped you. Most importantly, always remember, unemployment is NOT a shameful secret you have to keep and you are definitely NOT alone.

We’re going to get through this together, you guys! 

Peace out, MisFits!