A Glimpse into a Digital Marketing Department

In my last article, I discussed the brand strategy and adverting segment of our fictitious Marcom department. This article’s focus will be on the ‘Digital Marketing Strategy and Production’ section. It’s difficult to provide clear descriptions of digital marketing functions within a company.

Digital advertising has been evolving at a dramatic pace in the past two decades and companies have to adjust their digital marketing strategies based on their needs and product base. It is hard to believe that only 20 years back companies were frantically building their websites to stay competitive.

However, in order to make things simple, I’m paraphrasing a definition of ‘Digital Marketing’ from Wikipedia. Digital marketing encompasses marketing efforts utilizing digital technologies, including but not limited to online, mobile and digital signage.  In essence, digital marketing is technology added to traditional marketing. When faced with new technology, marketers and advertisers try to adjust their marketing strategies at the same pace as the technology evolution. This also provides them with opportunities to engage their customers across multiple channels.

It’s important to understand that both technology and marketing processes are constantly evolving. So, if a candidate is considering a career in digital marketing, then she or he has to be comfortable adapting new technologies and a constantly changing work environment.

The Digital Media Team

Since ‘digital media team’ is a fairly recent concept, most enterprises have a high degree of reliance on outside agencies. Teams are structured around the company’s marketing goals and available budget (Marketo).  As I had mentioned, digital media teams in each organization differ based on its specific needs, I am listing some digital marketing roles within an organization. Since this field is highly dependent on specialized skills, such personnel are in high demand. This is good news for job seekers.

Digital Marketing Manager/Digital Project Manager

This individual lives and breathes digital marketing. His or her role is to track, optimize digital marketing across channels. He oversees a spectrum of digital marketing arenas, including but not limited to the web, SEO/SEM, marketing database, email marketing, social media (sometimes work with the social media manager) and display advertising campaigns. Evaluating the performance metrics of all digital marketing efforts is integral to this role.

Strategy is integral to this role. This individual is responsible for identifying trends and insights of the market and also optimizing spending and performance based on insights.  A Digital Marketing Manager may hire a Digital Marketing Specialist to manage day-to-day operations of campaigns and assist with all digital marketing initiatives. This individual may share some of the responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager (Monster.com).

Digital Strategist

A digital strategist is someone who will formulate and oversee execution of business plans that utilize digital resources. Another responsibility of the digital strategist is to understand and solve business challenges within its organization (minimadesigns.com).

Creative Services Employees

Creative services department can house a web designer, a videographer, a digital content producer. Sometimes, both traditional and digital marketing management can tap into the creative services department as a resource. All the roles mentioned above are specialized roles. Professionals are typically trained in that field and sometimes have prior industry experience before being hired in a Marcom department.

I hope this article gave you a good overview of what a digital marketing department looks like. I would like to mention that some companies add social media and CRM roles to their digital marketing department. I will be discussing those roles separately in my upcoming articles. 

I will follow up this article with some insights from an industry expert. She will share some of her experiences as a digital marketer.

Rinki Mukherjee

Rinki Mukherjee

Rinki is a marketing professional with over 10 years of corporate and freelance experience.

She currently works on marketing contracts with Houston area businesses. She has served in non-profit, healthcare, oil and gas, real estate, technology, education and consumer goods industries.

She recently earned her MBA from the University of Houston, BAUER School of Business with a focus in Marketing Analysis and Business Consulting. She also has her Associates in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston and Masters in English Literature from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India.

She currently serves on two non-profit boards. She is Membership Officer with Prospanica-Houston chapter and Director of Special Events-Marketing with American Marketing Association-Houston chapter. Though Rinki is a now a committed Houstonian, she was born and raised in India. 

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