How to Build a 2400+ following on Instagram in 7 weeks: The Strategy

What are the questions that we need to ask ourselves?

Before those questions used to be: Is it possible? How can it be done? Today information is everywhere around us. Knowledge, resources, and information were kept as secrets and those were the differentiators. Today what will set us apart is what we do with the information. The quality of the questions we start to ask ourselves and others, as we process the information, will also play a key role.

Nowadays, successful people are always sharing the steps they’ve taken on their success path. If we pay attention we can avoid their mistakes. A couple of key questions that we have to answer now are: How long will it take to achieve it? Can I do it efficiently and effectively? Does it go in line with my purpose and talents?

During the summer I had the opportunity to work alongside a great team at One Jump. A non-profit startup that is committed to helping underserved students. Their mission is to connect students to summer opportunities that will empower them to go to college.

In startups, there is always many things to do, and not enough resources. Which is why being strategic and making the most out of every resource is a priority. On the initial meetings we thought that, given my finance background, my contribution could be to develop a pricing model for their products and a valuation of their business model to present to donors and investors.

We then decided that the priority was to grow the user base of their platform, and raise awareness about their efforts and brand. We went that route because growing the user base and a following was a result that we could achieve with the resources we had, and it will also add value.

Thanks to a marketing class I took on the first semester of my MBA, and doing an Independent Research Study with a great team at Bauer, I had a rough idea of the route we needed to take to identify our market, their needs, the channel that we could use to communicate with our audience, and the message that would create engagement.

At this point the strategy was clear:

Our Target Market: Underserved students, currently in middle school and high school.

  • Their Needs: Access to opportunities and empowerment! So that they can go to college, even when most of their family or people around them don’t have a degree.
  • The Channel: Instagram, the social media platform preferred by young audiences (along with Snapchat).
  • The Message: At One Jump we are committed to connecting you to opportunities that will empower you to go to college. Others have been in your same situation and we have helped them got to college, and we will help you. #YouCan #YouWill

Other resources that we used, to achieve our result in such a short time, were a couple of ebooks that Foundr Magazine offered:  

  1. How to Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers
  2. How to Use Instagram to Make Money

On the next article, I want to share with you the tactics and specific steps we took to go from 12 to 2400+ followers in 7 weeks.

One Jump is looking for interns that want to help keep the momentum going. Without a doubt, the team can reach 10,000 engaged followers in the next months. If you would like to be part of that please contact the founder Shiroy Aspandiar.

Alejandro I. Sanoja