How to build a 2400+ following on Instagram in 7 weeks: The Tactics

Others have done this before, so there was no need to invent anything new.

Just follow their steps, and adapt what was needed to our unique market, needs, channel, and message.

In the previous article, we talked about the strategy behind building a 2400+ following in 7 weeks. Now we will cover the tactics.

First thing was to ask for help and guidance

I reached out to the person that I knew was doing great things in marketing, Matt Avery. Matt has a Data Driven Marketing Consulting Business: Elisha Consulting, and I knew him through a project we did together at the MBA program at Bauer. He recommended several articles and a book, Ogilvy on Advertising, which I read (that is a key part of asking for advice, we then have to do what we are told so that we can have results).

Also, I reached out to two executives in marketing and external relationships. Both work in non-profits that are doing an excellent job in social media marketing. Both were cold emails, and I used Tim Ferriss’ template on How to E-mail Busy People.

Most people don’t realize it, but successful people are often willing to give advice. Because doing it will not take much of their time. We then have to work hard and show that we will put the advice to good use.

As mentioned in the previous article, I read a couple of e-books from which had great insights that I applied to One Jump’s digital marketing strategy:

  • Consistent Posting Schedule: A minimum of 2 posts per day, at peak engagement hours.
  • Tools: Instagress, to automate the user engagement. Canva, to create the content. Medium, for blog posts.
  • Having a clear purpose for each post: Do you want to educate? Share resources? Motivate? Drive traffic to a web page? There must be a balance between Value Added Vs. Call To Actions.

With this great advice and information, we were able to set a clear strategy for the team. Now we had to execute.

Execution is Key

With the help of the graphic designer in our team, Moises Zamarripa, we were able to create a style guide for the One Jump brand. If you take a look at the account (@onejumpnow), you can clearly see how after the first 50 posts, the new style of the brand starts to stand out.



But we never waited to have it “perfect” before going to market. We acted and adjusted on the go. If we would’ve waited maybe the momentum that we have now couldn’t have been generated so fast.

We started posting all our content within the prime times for each platform and audience:

  • Medium Blog posts: Monday 9am, Thursday 1pm (On Facebook)
  • Instagram Images: 2x day, 9-10am and then 5pm.
  • Instagram Bio Link: Adding the blog post that we were promoting each day/week. That way we would drive the traffic to the blog posts and from the blog posts to the web page.


  • From 12 to 2400+ followers on Instagram in 7 weeks
  • Great Engagement for Instagram (2-3%)
  • 223+ views to the Medium Blog
  • 37 new accounts created

After this experience, I’ve been able to duplicate the results in half the time. With the strategy mentioned in the previous article and the tactics mentioned in this one, I was able to grow another Instagram account to 2400+ followers in less than 4 weeks (@MindfulBusiness). 

Do you want to build an audience on Instagram? Let’s connect to see how we can collaborate.

One Jump is looking for interns that want to help keep the momentum going. Without a doubt, the team can reach 10,000 engaged followers in the next months. If you would like to be part of that please contact the founder Shiroy Aspandiar.

Learning and sharing knowledge are my passions, let’s connect if those are yours too.