Countless Possibilities in a Marketing Career

A career in marketing is one of the favored career paths for many business professionals. But sometimes finding one’s niche in the marketing world can be challenging. Prior to making that choice, it is a good idea to explore the myriad of options in marketing.  According to

“Marketing careers are the best field for people who like to strategize and identify patterns and trends.”

In other words, someone who is willing to understand the big picture in the corporate world is a good candidate for a marketer. There are so many avenues to explore in the field of marketing that it is easy to get lost in a maze of options—product marketing, marketing strategy, events marketing, fashion marketing, web marketing—the list goes on.  While speaking of a career path in marketing, I would like to share an amazing infographic at the end of this article I found at

Marketing Department Structure 

In this article, I will examine the structure of a typical marketing communications department (sometimes referred to as ‘Marcom’) within a typical enterprise (more than 1000 employees). The management structure and the number of employees per specialty depends on the company focus and budget allocation.

Below is a structure of a fairly traditional Marcom department.

While describing this structure, I would like to put in a disclaimer that the ultimate goal of the marketing department is sales enhancement. So depending on the budget and requirements, companies may outsource some projects, bring in contractors for some roles and not have full-time staff for all the roles. The specialists and managers in this structure partner with the marketing and sales liaisons of different departments and help with the latter’s’ project goals.

So a Marcom department is typically headed by a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Vice President, Marketing or Director Marketing Communications.

For our fictional Marcom department, we can assume that it’s headed by a CMO. A CMO typically heads the Brand Strategy and Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy & Production, Social Media Marketing and Public Relations and CRM Strategy specialties.

In spite of having a well-staffed department, CMOs have to rely on external agencies for additional expertise. External agencies offer an even wider range of talent and services. Hence many marketing departments of enterprises have contractual relationships with external agencies who offer a range of services from web, public relations, advertising and media buying.

As mentioned earlier, the field of marketing has a myriad of options. So having examined a typical Marcom structure of an enterprise, in the next few articles, we will examine each specialty and examine some possible career options.

Rinki Mukherjee, MBA

Rinki is a marketing professional with over 10 years of corporate and freelance experience.  For more marketing insights connect with her on LinkedIn