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Hyperloop will transport you from NYC to DC in 29 minutes? Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk dominated today’s headlines after announcing on twitter that he received a verbal approval from the government that The Boring Company will build a ‘Hyperloop’ connecting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. In short, people will be able to travel from New York to DC in 29 minutes.

Lately, there has been a lot of focus on the new possibilities of transportation. Something that particularly interested me is the growing trend in IoT (read my article) and smart cars. Significant investments are being in this field. According to Business Insider,

BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, expects 94 million connected cars to ship in 2021, and for 82% of all cars shipped in that year to be connected. 

Furthermore, Business Insider forecasts that by year 2020, 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Connected cars will be the top IoT device. To get a more visual understanding of the IoT ecosystem, view this infographic link.

What is IoT for Cars?

Connected cars and smart cars have been gaining popularity in the last few years. Car companies can connect their vehicles using either of the two methods: embedded and tethered. Embedded cars use a built-in antenna and chipset, while tethered connections allow drivers connect to their cars through their smartphones. In addition to this, app integration is becoming a standard feature in cars. Google maps for instance is replacing the built-in GPS system previously present in dashboards. Some other popular apps in cars are GasBuddy, Spotify, and other music apps (Business Insider).

According to Forbes, the future of urban transportation is expected to be electric, autonomous and on-demand. I would say that the future is here. We are able request transportation via the Uber app (or its competitor app). In other words, we can request transportation with a touch of a button. While the industry is still evolving, this trend is redefining the transportation industry.

IoT & Mass Transit

Given that we looked at the possibilities of smart cars and Internet of Things, let’s now look at mass transportation and IoT. While researching this topic, I was particularly intrigued by Forbes article on ‘How Big Data and The Internet Of Things Improve Public Transport In London.’ Using data collected from Transport for London (a form of loyalty program for London mass transit), passengers travel habits were tracked. Using this data, passengers can be rerouted and resources can be allocated due to unexpected bridge closers or road repairs. In addition to that, real time information about service changes can be sent to customers regarding their travel route. To summarize, connectivity is helping London mass transit manage travel plans of more than 8.6 million people every day. To read the entire article, click here.

The Internet of Things will change the way that we travel, whether it's across the country on a plane or from home to work on a bus. Going back to today morning’s announcement by Elon Musk, if he were to make the idea of ‘Hyperloop’ a reality, the possibilities of IoT and transportation are endless. All I can say is that the transportation industry is evolving every day and soon it will transform beyond recognition and IoT will have a strong role to play in it.

Rinki Mukherjee

Rinki Mukherjee

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