iPhone Turns 10

Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of the first ever iPhone

The original iPhone hit stores on June 29, 2007 -- and the world hasn't been the same since… If that sounds like hyperbole, consider this: You're probably reading this on an iPhone or its chief rival, an Android phone….And Apple itself is the most valuable company in the world right now, with a market cap of about three-quarters of a trillion dollars, thanks mostly to the success of the iPhone. (CNET.com)

Having witnessed the evolution of the iPhone right from its very first model, I could not help but admire how this product has evolved over the past ten years and also how it’s impossible to perceive a world without my smartphone (AKA iPhone). The introduction of the iPhone marked the beginning of the consumer smartphone revolution. What is noteworthy is that a phone model with similar features did exist in the market… it was just not marketed to the average consumer.

 Steve Jobs displaying an iPhone (CNET/Getty Images). I remember watching Steve Jobs introduce new devices and following the updates of his keynote address.

Steve Jobs displaying an iPhone (CNET/Getty Images). I remember watching Steve Jobs introduce new devices and following the updates of his keynote address.

Apple’s first generation of iPhone thrust smartphones into the mainstream consumer market. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs (and perhaps a master showman in marketing the iPhone) had a big role in creating this revolution. The focus was on good user centric design and it was the first phone that used its patented multi-touch technology instead of a stylus that was typical for smartphones during that time. The iPhone brought on the smartphone competition into the mainstream consumer market. We now have Apple and Samsung products fighting over the smartphone market share. It’s interesting to note that ten years back, this market did not event exist.

So, what's happened in the last ten years? The answer is ‘a lot!’ According to cnet.com, the iPhone is the most successful consumer product that was ever created. The iPhone began as a combination of three separate devices – an iPod, an iPhone and an internet communicator (Safari) into a single handheld device. Though these characteristics still form the basis of the iPhone, today’s iPhone is a lot better than the very first iPhone. If we compare the quality of photographs in the older versions of iPhone and the ones we have today, there is a remarkable difference. We have close to professional quality photographs. Plus, the GPS system in the iPhone has also gone through a lot of refinement. This was just speaking of the basic features of the iPhone. There is a massive world of apps that run on the iPhone/Android OS. There are over 2 million apps (cnet.com) that are changing the way we communicate, conduct business, watch TV, play games and more. Speaking of gaming, the industry has transformed beyond recognition due to the smartphone. People have invested hours playing Candy Crush. What about Pokémon Go? This game could not succeed without a GPS enabled smartphone. Plus, given that the iPhone is so successful, there are a lot of competitors who are engaged in the same industry. It is safe to say that the introduction of the first iPhone paved the way to this competitive marketplace.

Above is a look back at the very first iPhone (cnet.com)

Having discussed the very first iPhone, its introduction, and its evolution, I think it is only fair that I take a quick look around me and state what I see every day. We are all hooked on social media including me. I will be sharing this article via at least 2 social media channels. I’ve seen small businesses selling products via Facebook. People are looking for work at Twitter. Plus Twitter and politics seem inseparable. Snapchat users are constantly sharing images and videos within their network. Read my article regarding Snapchat for business. At a personal level, I can check my work emails on the go, take and share photos, FaceTime with family, use collaboration tools like Slack to communicate with my team and check project updates and more. Everything happens at a lightning pace, thanks to the smartphone. If we are discussing hardware, I am on my third iPhone. I consider myself a little risk averse, so I wait for others to buy their phones and read about reported bugs before I buy mine!

For those of you who would like to take a walk down the memory lane, watch Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduce the very first iPhone at Macworld on January 9, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

The introduction of the first iPhone model has transformed the smartphone market in its entirety. New industries and markets have been created. I would theorize that Mark Zuckerberg would not have been as successful of an entrepreneur had it not been for the smartphone. Sharing photographs, status updates, Facebook live videos are possible because consumers own and constantly use smartphones. Last year I visited New York and I used my phone GPS extensively… furthermore, when I visited places like Central Park or MOMA, I downloaded their apps. Based on the information I found on the app I planned my visit. I cannot imagine a world without smartphones anymore. Where does the smartphone revolution take us next? The possibilities are endless; I personally feel that there will be lot more connectivity, artificial intelligence integration and more. If you are interested in reading more about devices and connectivity, read my article about IOT and Retail. Having stated my story about smartphones, I am curious to find out yours. Please share your smartphone story!

Rinki Mukherjee

Rinki Mukherjee

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