A Practical Guide to Mastering Your MBA

You have already decided that you will make an investments of thousands of dollars and many hours... now what?

You are doing this because you want to take you career to the next level and many told you that an MBA will allow you to do that. 

Of course it will. It could advance you 1 or 2 steps or it could take you to a complete different level of professionalism and competence. 

If you do the MBA the right way you will be able to define & achieve success on your own terms. 

Yet, so many people think that just having MBA next to your business card or LinkedIn profile will automatically make you better. 

You have two options:

  1. Float through the program, and be like everyone else.
  2. Rise above the competition, break the status quo, and leave your legacy. 

The choice is yours and only you can determine your outcome. Keep reading if you are ready to be one of the few exceptional students.

A Practical Guide to Mastering Your MBA will be one of your most valuable resources for you while in school. The guide is detailed and based on my business school experience. I started my program with never having taken a business course to graduating as the “Outstanding Student” and starting a successful marketing company.  

This is unlike other guides as there are actual steps to help you, many times guides give ideas without actionable advice. In this resource you will find honest advice on what to actually do to achieve success in your MBA program.

What others are saying about the guide:

"Having a mentor is a key piece of advancing your career. Given that they are 10 or more years ahead of you in terms of their career, they will be able to provide you with big-picture strategic advice. Yet, sometimes we need the advice of someone who is going through the same struggles that we are going through. Someone that has strategic advice but also tactical because they remember all the details and steps that allowed them to get results. Matt Avery was that person to me. He was one year ahead of me in the MBA program, and without his advice and mentoring, I wouldn't have been able to go from almost college dropout to receiving the Outstanding MBA Student Award of my class. This guide covers the principles that will allow you to master your MBA" - Alejandro I. Sanoja, MBA, Creative Director at Elisha Consulting

The guide will specifically cover four main sections to get you through your program.  

The sections are:

  • Sacrifice: You need to immediately come to terms with making sacrifices. This includes accepting that you must be selfish; i.e., you will need to take time away from loved ones to complete assignments, do homework, network, and go to events. 
  • Networking: At times I wonder why we have specific skills. Did we choose these skills or did they choose us? I might not be able to sing or dance, but I can network! My goal was never to be a skilled networker; the skill found me more than I found it. In this section I will provide techniques on how to network—you will constantly be told that you must network, yet many times those same people do not teach you how to network. Learn how to land an internship, craft a great story, conduct an informational interview, and more.
  • Opportunity: There might never be another time in your life where you have the breadth of opportunities available to you as you do matriculating through your MBA. These opportunities come quickly, and when you graduate, they slow down. Take advantage of these opportunities and do not look back. 
  • Resources: I am a productivity advocate and am always looking for ways to be more efficient while working at a high-level of excellence. I will share some of my favorite technological platforms, books, videos, podcasts, and websites that allowed me to be more efficient in school and produce exceptional work.

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