Melissa, a talented student, was graduating from Texas A&M early with a BBA and a Non-Profit certificate. Her dream was to work with a faith-based international non-profit organization. This would allow her to live out her religious beliefs, help others, and travel frequently.

The issues were:

  • Narrowing her job search
  • Researching organizations to apply
  • Proper networking
  • Interviewing

The main obstacle was to remove the paradox of choice and set a laser focus on the handful of organizations that truly met her criteria of a dream job. 


We began with a phone meeting to discuss her ideal work scenario, and the process of narrowing her choices through research and informational interviews. She identified a long list of potential non-profits and then eliminated based on personal criteria (location, ability to travel, faith-based, etc.).

Once she had a list, it was time to network, specifically, identify alumni and close contacts who had connections to the organizations where she had an interest in applying.

With those contacts in place, she conducted informational interviews to further reduce the number of organizations where she wanted to apply. The key was realizing that she could take charge of her dream and determine where she would apply as opposed to just sending out resumes.

With a few options short-listed, Melissa set up informational interviews. These interviews helped to narrow her focus and tailor her resume further. With everything now in place, it was time to apply to organizations.

In Sum:

  • Determined dream job criteria
  • Built a list of potential places to apply
  • Narrowed list
  • Utilized network for informational interviews
  • Polished resume
  • Applied to specific organizations


On paper, it is easy to gloss over the challenges Melissa faced, but the entire process took 4 months as she developed the skills to properly network and patiently apply for jobs. There were points where she wanted to start looking at different industries, yet they were not her dream job.

She continued to persevere and ended up with two amazing opportunities. The one she took could not have been more perfect. Her new position allows her to live her religious beliefs with a faith-based non-profit organization, oversee large international projects, and frequently travel.

Her accomplishments are a testament to her dedication, patience, and strength in dealing with rejection and overcoming challenges. These results are possible for others if they are willing to do the necessary work to achieve their dream job.


She utilized 1-on-1 coaching through bi-weekly emails and phone calls.

Melissa deserves the credit for finding her dream job. A coach is simply someone who provides the necessary tools to reach a goal. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can have similar results.


Aug 2016 

Begun researching organizations and started conducting informational interviews.

Nov 2016

Narrowed list of organizations to apply and edited resume/cover letter.

Dec 2016 

Received offer from non-profit where she will be living her dream of helping others.

“You taught me the reality of networking: if you approach every relationship with wanting to gain a job you’ll probably be very disappointed, but if you approach relationships with a desire to learn then you’re on the right track for future opportunities.” ~ Melissa