namrata "Nammy" Sirur

Shaking my life up involved a lot of risk taking, soul searching, and experimentation, but ultimately gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur and tell my story. I now enjoy helping others realize and follow their dream careers.

Born in Mumbai, India, I moved cities and countries every few years before finally settling in Houston. Moving around a lot as a child caused me to develop an appreciation for different cultures and people, and reinforced the importance of adaptability and empathy. But these nomadic traditions didn’t always manifest themselves in productive ways.

On the professional front, I was a bit of a wanderer, not knowing exactly what I wanted or where I fit in. I started my career in Hotel Management, which is something I more or less fell into rather than proactively chose. However, after constantly comparing myself to my peers and friends, all of whom were in lucrative fields like medicine, finance, and engineering, I decided that all I wanted was a well-paying corporate job. I also convinced myself that rather than nurturing my skills and talents that tended towards marketing and creative work, it was a better idea to pursue a more quant-based career that would earn me a solid paycheck. So I eventually got an MBA at the University of Houston with a focus in Supply Chain and got a job at a prestigious oil & gas company right out of school. I had achieved my goal, so I should have lived happily ever after, right? Not quite!

I realized one day that I had gone through my entire career motivated by fear, and it had to stop. So I quit my comfortable but uninspiring job, and set out on a mission to find my professional purpose. I did some solo travel, absorbed a LOT of information through courses, TED talks, and podcasts, took on free or entry-level gigs in marketing to get my foot in the door, and moved to Austin to work for a startup. The whole journey was fraught with risk, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil. But the immense learning and growth that resulted were unparalleled. I eventually had to quit my startup job and return to Houston for personal reasons, but I did so with a renewed purpose and confidence in my own abilities. I finally knew what I wanted to do and WHY.

I decided to go into business with my best friend and start a YouTube channel called The 9to5 MisFits to help others deal with the practical and emotional aspects of unemployment and take the stigma out of it. I now look forward to continuing on that path with BizLatte and helping others recognize their professional purpose.

Favorite coffee/caffeinated beverage: Classic and simple, I’m a coffee gal. I love a dark French roast - the bolder the better!


Co-founder of YouTube Channel - The 9to5 MisFits

Co-owner of First Light District, LLC

Social media manager and content creator for Austin-based startup

Supply Chain Analyst in Oil & Gas

Senior Dance instructor and head choreographer at Rhythm India Dance Company

Successfully launched and created the first fitness program for Rhythm India Dance Company

Won scholarship to Discover Leadership Executive Master Graduate Program while pursuing an MBA.