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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

How many times have you heard this or "your network is your net-worth"?

Everyone tells you that you need to network, and build relationships, but no one tells you how!

Maybe you muster the courage to attend some professional networking events only to find that most people there are transactional and there is no meaning. Most people just ask “what do you do?”... hand you a business card... and then all you hear is them talk about what they do and then pitch something.

By the end, they don’t even remember your name (and to be honest, you sometimes don't remember their name either).

The truth is nobody cares about you! This is why most people don’t know how to listen (especially how to listen with their eyes), which is the key to building meaningful relationships. Yet, you can make them care.

Matt and I both graduated at the top of our MBA classes thanks to having the ability to build meaningful professional relationships. Yet, we didn’t have that skill-set when we started. Matt didn’t even own a suit before starting business school, and I am an introvert and non-native English speaker who didn’t know what networking was when moving to Houston about two years ago.

Yet, we embraced the challenge. We studied the fundamentals and principles of developing professional relationships, and then we put them to practice. The result is that now we get invited to advisory boards of nonprofit organizations, we’ve built profitable businesses, created a personal blog that reaches an audience of 50,000+ every month, and grew LinkedIn networks from 200 to 1,700 in less than two years.

The most important aspect is that we have a process. Because of our introverted personalities, we documented this journey and know exactly what others need to do to achieve the same results.

Whether you are a startup founder, a student, a professional working in a corporation, or a small business owner, building professional relationships will be key to take you career to the next level. If you want to challenge the status quo, you need help!

Making friends and making conversation have always come easily to me, so I was not sure what I would learn from the BizLatte Networking Bootcamp, but as it turns out I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Working with Matt and Alejandro was extremely eye opening because I learned that structuring your networking actually makes it easier and more fun to connect with and make professional contacts. Instead of feeling robotic and formal, using what they teach to quickly make a structured connection actually leaves a lot more room to get to know the real person with whom you are networking
— Charles D. Becker, SURE Program Assistant Director
There are many events that provide tips for networking but none like the Bizlatte Networking Boot Camp. Alejandro and Matt give you the opportunity to interact and actively practice those crucial soft skills that would enable you to professional relationships.
— Viviana Linares, PAC Leadership Series Coordinator
During my first semester at Bauer MBA, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to be part of the Networking Boot Camp which was brilliantly conducted by Alejandro Sanoja. The Boot Camp provided practical ways of improving my networking skills and helped me better utilize any networking opportunities that came my way. The Boot Camp also offered MBA students like myself, a chance to be engaged with a student body at Bauer. I am grateful that Alejandro put in the time and effort to execute the Boot Camps for us and I look forward to working with Alejandro in the future.
— Nusabbeh Waqar, MBA Candidate at the C. T. Bauer College of Business

What you get with the Bizlatte Networking Bootcamp:

  • Improve your capacity to remember names

  • Simple framework to keep any conversation going

  • Eliminate the fear of awkward silences

  • Tools to keep building the relationships after meeting at an event

  • Learn the questions you need to ask to find what you have in common with anyone

  • E-guide to take your LinkedIn profile to All-Star status

  • E-guide to improve your Informational Interview skills

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