Your secret to professional success - Find Future Leaders

Have you noticed high-achievers can be found in groups? These people seem to be drawn together. It might be a shared interest, similar characteristic traits, or they simply are in the same geographical space.

There is something about drive, ambition, and a desire to continuously improve which has a magnetic appeal. You have likely heard the overused phrase, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” often credited to Jim Rohn. As cliche as it sounds, the idea is correct.

The people you are around will create an ecosystem which has 1 of 3 effects. You grow, stagnate, or shrink based on those in your inner circle. There are no other directions.

Our friends, family, and colleagues have a greater impact on us than most would like to admit.

Yet, what does this mean?


The above is probably not new as you know to improve you must be near people who challenge your thoughts, actions, and habits. However, let’s go deeper and imagine the future.

Think about who you are around routinely. Are they generally positive or negative? Do they encourage you or shoot down ideas? Are they spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy? Is your group a source of temptation for destructive habits or do they keep you accountable when you are trying to better your life?

These are not easy questions to answer. Yet, not answering them because they are difficult is foolish. Each day you are building a life which has a compound effect in creating a future. In 5 years, will you be living a better life, have an amazing job, be healthy, helping others, and constantly growing? Or will you be doing the same things you are doing today?

Take a few moments to answer.

How you respond is important to determine where you are going personally and professionally. You likely want to better yourself as a professional, and the secret to your success will be found in the individuals you meet with frequently.


What if I told you the amazing job you dream about is actually easily within reach. You can do whatever you want professionally. Seriously, it just takes strategic effort and time.

Here is where people start to fall off. They are not patient and give up or choose actions which create a cycle of busyness instead of deliberate strategy. Eventually, they burn out, don't see results, and quit trying. In order to capture your audacious goals, all you need to do is take the necessary time to find people who desire to better themselves. They will show you the proper tactical steps.

That’s it.

I bring this up because I routinely look upward to top-performers in various industries and have noticed something interesting. Many leaders spend time together. They share insights and are a source of needed help. Those are the individuals I want to be around. Yet, there is a catch.

If I was around those people, I would get a lot from them; however, what would they get from me? In reality, I would drag them down. Well, what should I do to advance as a professional while not taking away from others?

My response has been to continuously surround myself with future leaders. Sometimes, I sit back amazed at the people I spend time with as they are already successful and are always moving forward. The individuals in my close circle will be the leaders in finance, consulting, management, and other fields.

These people have ideas that make me feel like I am not dreaming big enough. They push me to move beyond the limits I have placed on my life. I appreciate all they do in developing me and can’t wait to see where we end up as professionals.


Your legacy is determined by others. If you want to grow and make an impact, then you must be around people who have a similar vision for the future. End of story.

Find the people who will be future leaders. Don’t look to current leaders, they are too busy and will eventually pass the torch to a new generation.

Be part of the new generation.

Matt Avery