3 Things Executives Would Say to their Younger Self: Interview with Noah Blumenthal Part 2

In your career, who do you want to be? What choices can you make today to create the lifestyle you want in the future?

These are not easy questions to answer. They take deep reflective thought.

If you remember from the first part of our interview with Noah, we explored how his company SavvyRoo has gone through major transitions. Noah is an accomplished executive coach, best-selling author, and TED Talk alumni. Yet, he does not rest on those feats, instead, with his new business he, and his business partner, have listened to their clients.

They heard from clients, looked inwards, and decided to pivot which resulted in what SavvyRoo has become. A collaborative tool for small and large companies to have digital brainstorming sessions through Sparks (play the demo).

During our interview, I was fascinated by the consistent reflective thinking which Noah described. Through reflection, SavvyRoo has grown and that theme was the basis for a question I asked.

What would the executives you coach say to their younger selves?

The question was intended for the audience of Your MBA Purpose. Let's face it, if you are on this site you are a dreamer, high-achiever, and someone that constantly challenges themselves. 

After I asked, he thought for a minute and delivered some wisdom. Below are the three things that will launch you to success.

Find Someone Exceptional 

This is advice which you hear frequently, find a mentor. However, Noah threw a spin on the insight I had not heard before. He specifically said to find someone exceptional to be your mentor. This is important.

Finding a mentor is not nearly as difficult as some make it out to be. By the end of any week, you could reach out to a friend, colleague, family member, professor, or someone else and set a time to meet for coffee while asking for advice. No disrespect to those individuals, they could be nice, accomplished, and helpful.

But are they exceptional?

Finding someone who is great at what they do is rare. These are the mentors who can catapult your career. Not because of what they do for you, but because of what they teach you. Have you ever been around an amazing talent? Someone who transcends their craft? That is the person you want as a mentor. Find someone in your current or desired field who is exceptional.

It will take effort, time, and energy. You will need to be intentional. Ask for their help and do not be afraid. Very few things will have a greater impact on your success than a mentor who is exceptional.

Build and Maintain Your Network 

You know Alejandro and myself are networking fanatics, we have an entire section of Your MBA Purpose dedicated to the topic! This is not new advice, yet again Noah elevated the insight.

He said, if an older executive could speak to their younger self, they would tell them to build and maintain their network throughout their career. Doing one or the other, building or maintaining, is not difficult. You could be in a season where you are collecting new contacts or the opposite, maybe you just stick to the same five connections for advice.

The issue becomes if you are just building your network you are not maintaining relationships and if you just focus on maintaining relationships you are not building your network.

It is essential to balance both, building and maintaining. Noah's advice was to create a list, for example, in Excel or a Google Sheet. Don't add everyone you have ever met. Be smart and add the people who add value to your life, who you like to be around, and who you can mentor.

Reach out to these people strategically. If needed set up calendar reminders. Essentially a CRM for your network to remind you when to contact them. Doing so once a month or once a quarter will create a system of consistent communication with current and future contacts. Your network is one of your most valuable assets. Take the time to nurture your current connections and cultivate new ones. You will be amazed at how quickly it grows with the proper care.

Deliver More Than Anyone Expects of You

Here is something you might have heard in passing. We are routinely advised to find mentors and network. Going above and beyond is something new, and a characteristic that set's A players apart from the pack.

You are likely a high-achiever, and at your level, or the level you want to attain, you quickly realize there are a lot of talented people in the world and competition is steep. When I was in my MBA program, I immediately recognized the high level of talent around me. 

If you really want to stand out, you need to do exceptional work on every project. This is not a suggestion, it is the payment due for your dreams.

Noah gave an example. When SavvyRoo was starting out, they were interviewing interns. During the interview process, candidates were asked to create 3 posts for the website. A few of them did 4-5 to stand out. One wrote . . . 23! Yes, 23! 

That individual went so far beyond what was expected they were hired. Noah admitted the quality was not as high as the others but looking at what the candidate chose to do, Noah and his team knew he would out-perform anyone else. Oh, by the way, that person is one of Your MBA Purpose's contributors, Alejandro Esquino.

Going above and beyond is not a choice, it is what the best do. You might be asking yourself, how do I think of ways to go above and beyond? That is a great question. 

As Noah and I spoke we came up with the idea of a special giveaway for Your MBA Purpose readers. You can use SavvyRoo for free and receive a recurring Spark.

Every week you will receive the question, "What can I do this week to go above and beyond?" Doing so will allow you to think reflectively. And practically, you can store your answers digitally to refer to them later. 

Begin your journey of delivering more than others by signing up today.

Bonus Answer!

The above three are what executives would say to their younger selves. These are the three areas you should focus on when growing professionally. Yet, Noah gave some insights specifically for individuals starting out.

Maybe you are in college, in an MBA, or looking to pivot careers.

Noah explained it is more important to choose an industry than a job. An industry influences your entire life. You need to be honest with yourself and identify who you want to be. Choosing an industry will allow you to grow into that person.

Think about it. The finance industry values money, the fashion industry values appearance, the marketing industry values creativity and so on. Don't just select a job because of the prestige, money, or other arbitrary factors.

As you go into the workforce think about what you what your lifestyle to be and what industry aligns with the essence of who you want to be. ~ Noah

Again, the entire theme of the interview with Noah was the idea of reflection. Truly think of your lifestyle goals and choose the appropriate industry.


Noah has over 15 years of experience as an executive coach. His insights are priceless for anyone looking to elevate their career and really their overall life.

True elevation does not happen over night. It is a journey of asking and answering tough questions. We live in such a distracting world that facing these questions is not easy.

Noah and his team want to help you keep a log of your answers. Take a moment to look at SavvyRoo, specifically, the item which was created just for YOU. Noah and his team spent hours creating a system where you can answer important questions on a weekly basis and track your results.

There is no cost other than your time and honesty. Are you ready to grow into who you want to be?

If yes, sign up for free today.

Noah Blumenthal

Heroes: Gandhi, Pema Chodren, Victor Frankl

Noah Blumenthal, a bestselling and award-winning author, brings 20 years of business and consulting experience to SavvyRoo. He has supported the strategic planning and leadership development of senior executives around the globe in financial services, pharmaceuticals, high tech, professional services, manufacturing and more.

Noah was named by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the, “Top 100 Minds in Personal Development.” As a keynote speaker Noah has presented at TEDxUNLV, Brandeis University Business Commencement, the Clinton Presidential Library, and numerous conferences and corporate events.

Noah’s most recent book, Be The Hero, reached the top 20 in all books on Amazon, ranked #1 in Business, Self-help, Careers, and Success, appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s list of business bestsellers, and won a Silver Axiom Award for Best Business Fable.

Noah’s goal for SavvyRoo and for life is to contribute to moving our society and world toward more equitable and sustainable ends. When he isn’t dreaming of saving the world, he enjoys playing ukulele, juggling and cheering on the New York City Football Club (COYBIB!).