The Woman that Rules my World

Women could be ruling the world!

Or maybe they are already doing it.

Not so long ago women couldn’t vote and just a couple of weeks ago a woman was close to being elected as the president of the United States of America. 

Big changes in such a short time. Yet, the biggest obstacle that women have to face… could be themselves!

But seriously, women could be ruling the world.

I know this for sure because it is a woman that rules my world. A woman is the fire in my belly.

My mother worked too hard and made too many sacrifices for me not to be the best I can be. And she is still making sacrifices, enduring the hardships that most Venezuelans are going through.

People ask me how do I manage to get so many things done and where do I get the energy from. It is simple for me because I have a strong why. My mother deserves all my effort and every sacrifice needed. Whatever that might be.


No excuses, because she had no excuses. She had reasons.

I was her reason to keep fighting and working hard no matter what. And now she is my "Why", she is the purpose behind everything that I do. 


Leading with Purpose


At Bauer, women are also leading with purpose. One of the organizations that had the most impactful events this year was the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) which is led by Veda. And the Bauer MBA Energy Club, led by Ankita, has been named by faculty and academic advisors as an example of how an organization should operate.

I was recently at a birthday meeting with most of these remarkable women from Bauer and sat there listening to their amazing conversation. They were discussing how to dress professionally. They mentioned all the rules for nail polish, shoes, makeup, and many other interesting things that I realized we as men don’t have to deal with.

My first thought was that we, as men, may have it easier in terms of dressing professionally. There aren’t really a lot of moving pieces. Shoes, shirts, ties, suits. That’s it.

One day I can wear a navy suit, white shirt, red tie, and black shoes. The next day I could wear the same navy suit, white shirt, red tie, and brown shoes, and it is a completely different outfit. Just by changing the shoes.

For women, there are a lot of moving parts. Makeup, accessories, and many other things that men don’t have to deal with.

Then I thought that there may be a possibility that women are actually making it difficult for themselves. 

If you are thinking that “You are a Woman and Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter”, then I have to introduce you to these amazing women from Bauer so that they can help you make a mindset shift.

If you are struggling with all these moving parts related to dressing professionally as a woman, then you can take a look at this 3-part series of articles. In the articles you will explore The Basics of dressing professionally, you will understand what a Core Wardrobe is, and you will get tips on how to Get Started and where to shop.

If you think that you have to dress amazingly and beautifully every day, because you are a woman, I invite you to read this article.

It will help you realize that if even an art director that works at one of the leading advertising agencies in New York wears the same for work every day, then maybe you need to revisit your concept of what dressing amazingly, beautifully, and professionally means to you.

Wearing the same every day to work may be extreme. But as you may already know I tend to go to the extremes. Especially if there is a strong why as the reason to do it.


Find the Why


These following questions may help you find the purpose behind the way you dress and the clothes you decide to buy. They may help you to make decisions that go in line with the way to feel, think, and act.

When you are going to buy clothes:

  • Do I need it or do I just want it?

You may be needing a key piece for your Core Wardrobe. If that is the case then you should definitely make an effort to buy. But if you just want it, then ask yourself why? If you cannot find a strong purpose behind the purchase, then you may be better off not making that purchase.

When you are deciding what to wear each day:

  • What message do I want to send?

The way we dress and act are fundamentals to develop our professional presence because a first impression is made in just 4 seconds. When you are deciding what you wear you have to have a clear purpose and goal. Picking the actual clothes will be easier depending on that goal.

Make the process of buying and picking clothes as simple as possible. This will allow you to be efficient and you will be able to dedicate your time and focus on more important activities.

Learning and sharing knowledge are my passions, let’s connect if those are yours too.

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