No More Excuses! Your Life Depends on This

Change Excuses into reasons!

I don’t have time. I don’t have money. I don’t have a network.

We all hear those phrases and we all say them from time to time.

But are they the reality or just perception?

If we only focus on the “don’ts” then our whole reality will become that. It is understandable that you have kids and a family, that you have a demanding job, that you have personal projects, that you are a student. And there will be several other things you could say are stopping you from achieving your goals.

What if we change the mindset and turn those excuses into reasons?

I can’t network because I don’t have the time. Turn it into: Because I don’t have time I have to network. So that I can find a job that will allow me to have more free time.

You never know when you will meet the person that will lead you to the job that will give you more free time, or the person that will become your partner in a business that will lead you to financial freedom and will free up more time for you.

You never know in which organization, that you join and volunteer at, will be the place where you meet a mentor that will point you in the right direction (so that you can achieve your goals).

How do we change our excuses mindset to a reasons mindset?

Here is a very simple tool: Change “I don’t have time” for “It is not a priority” and see how that makes you feel.

Instead of “I don’t have time to exercise” say “Health is not a priority for me”.

Instead of “I don’t have time to read” say “Personal growth is not a priority for me”.

We must remember that we all have the same 24 hours. The difference lies in what we choose to do with our 24 hours.

Stop Talking and Start Doing

How many times have you said that “next year” will be the year that you start working on your health?

You probably join a gym. You pick a workout program. You may even buy some supplements and decide on the diet you are going to follow.

And then after 1, 2, or 3 weeks… You stop doing it.

You did all this without understanding if you could really maintain those activities for the rest of your life.

I get it, it is not easy!

Our brain plays tricks on us. Life happens, there are so many obstacles…

This is exactly why you need to understand if it, whatever you decide to do, can be incorporated into your daily routine.

We, as humans, do more to not lose than to win. This is a tool we need to use to our advantage.

A desire to win can motivate you, but only for a while. The pain of losing, having fire beneath you, will get you moving more than wanting to win.

Without realizing it, I had been using this technique to my advantage.

I hate waking up early in the morning. But in a recent period of my life, I was waking up every day at 5:30am to workout.

And I did it because I had a great group class. People from different ages and different countries were part of the class. And we had a great time together. We pushed each other.

The pain of possibly missing out on that great environment was bigger than the pain of having to wake up early in the morning. That is why I waked up every morning, to not miss the class.

And you can do the same.

Find a great group. Make a commitment with someone that will hold you accountable. Pay as much money as you can to join a workout program.

That way you will set up yourself for success. Your pain of missing out on the good times with the group, having your reputation taking a hit, or the pain of losing money, will get you moving.

The Goal is the Habit

Whenever you are working on setting up a goal, you have to understand what is the habit you have to build to achieve that.

You need to design your life in a way so that you can maintain that activity.

Having a strong support system is key to building new habits. And you also have to understand which are the habits that will put you in a position to then build other good habits.

Habits that allow you to be healthy will help you create a strong foundation. You should be doing some type of exercise and least 3 times per week, and don’t let 2 days go by without at least stretching or going for a jog/walk.

I strive to go at least 3-4 days to the gym where I workout. And if something gets in the way of that, I then do at least 100 push-ups, some planks, and squats at my house. No excuses!

If building habits of health is one of your goals for 2017, and you are near the Cinco Ranch/Katy area, I invite you to join an amazing community that I am part of.

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Alejandro I. Sanoja

Learning and sharing knowledge are my passions, let’s connect if those are yours too.