Living out your Goals and Purpose

Two years ago I spent an amazing summer in Haiti co-leading an internship for Coreluv International.  An organization that builds and operates orphanages.

The summer was full of life-changing experiences, service, and coaching young people to defend the orphan. 

I was a full-time staff member with Coreluv and had been with the organization since it was founded.  Working with them was a highlight of my life.  How many people get to travel to Haiti, serve others, and work in non-profit marketing!?

However, something inside of me was off.

Before the internship I knew I was just floating through life.  I loved what I did, yet I was not really pushing myself.  With the support of Coreluv, I decided to attend an MBA program which would start immediately after the internship.

That summer flew by and when I finally arrived home from Haiti it was 2:00am . . . at 6:00am I had to be awake for my MBA orientation. 

My first MBA experience was a catered breakfast . . . I felt shame. 

How could I eat this food when I personally knew some of the poorest people on the Western Hemisphere? 

Orientation was difficult for me with only my wife knowing how I felt.  Eating expensive food, talking about six-figure salaries, and a new world completely contrasted with what I had lived the previous few years. 

But I pushed through because I felt an MBA would fulfill my life purpose to help others.  My thought process was an MBA would allow me to think deeper, focus my creativity, and utilize high-level strategy to raise awareness for marginalized populations.

It worked!

My MBA was exactly what I needed along with my faith to push me to an even greater level of thinking. 

At this moment, I am sitting in the Coreluv guest house, back in Haiti, with some of the interns who were part of that summer two years ago. 

And I love it!

I work with Coreluv as their marketing director. 

Being part of Coreluv is a joy as I am able to fulfill my purpose of overseeing marketing campaigns for the sole purpose of rescuing orphans.

Strangely enough, the last MBA event I attended was the night before I returned to Haiti.  I was at a dinner to welcome the new MBA Ambassadors for the Bauer College of Business and had to be awake at 2:40am to travel back to Haiti. 

The last two years have been a complete journey from Haiti to an MBA back to Haiti. 

The main thing I have learned is that you MUST follow your purpose in life. 

It is both the easiest and most difficult thing you can do.  The difficulty comes in the amount of time and energy you must sacrifice.  Yet, at the same time there is nothing easier than waking up every morning knowing you are getting closer to your goals.

I tell as many people as I can, you need to live your life purposefully or else others will find a purpose for you.

If you are looking for an organization to support, you will not find a better one that Coreluv.

Feel free to reach out if are interested in discovering how to live your professional purpose.

Matt Avery