This is How You Build Momentum with a Team

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

A team which holds you accountable is necessary for audacious goals. However, there needs to be more than someone checking on you. There must be deliberate action to move daily toward a desired future. In our previous article, we discussed the valuable characteristics of a team which works together. Now we will explain the importance of continual small steps taken in unison.

Imagine a stream or a river. When the water moves in one direction it has the power to cut through rocks. The continual movement of the stream can make an incredible impact over a long enough time period, just look at the Grand Canyon. Now take a moment and think if the water went in different directions, it doesn’t have the awe-inspiring power of a raging river.

Nature begins to bend to the will of continual movement. Ants are some of the most determined creatures alive. They will march to their goal. Even when you deter them, they still keep going and look for a new path. Their mindset is to constantly go forward.

We must have the same mentality for our careers and businesses. Being consistent as an individual is important, Alejandro and I have discussed this in the past; however, continuity with a team will have a greater impact than as an individual . . . with a catch. A group moving forward in sync requires more strategy than an individual.

Let’s go deeper.


Small Steps as a Team Lead to Great Results


Much has been said about the power of habits. Yet, it is always a challenge to be consistent.

How many times have you said you will start next Monday and then by Thursday you’ve already missed the target?

If this has happened to you, it just means you are human, not that you have failed. It is only a failure if you don’t keep trying.

Most people say good things about my discipline but it is because they only see results, they don’t see the struggle.

For a while, I was able to wake up without hitting the snooze button, but lately, I’ve been setting 2 and 3 different alarms again. Yes, I recently reached the 100 days in a row milestone for meditation, but a while ago I missed a day when I had 87 and had to start from 0 again.

You will fail, don’t try to avoid it. The key is making the decision to keep going no matter what. Having a great partner, or team, supporting you is very valuable for creating momentum. Once you create momentum you will be unstoppable.

If you are a high-achiever, and even obsessive, you’ve probably started a lot of ventures. You get very excited about an idea, you dedicate all your energy to it, and then you get exhausted or frustrated and you quit. You probably come up with a great excuse of why it didn’t work and then you move to the next thing.

Not seeing results is probably one of the reasons you decided to quit. Or maybe bigger challenges started to arise and your “why” wasn’t strong enough to power through it. I want to share with you a way to hack this cycle.

Momentum hack: Start working with another high-achieving obsessive person.

Once you do so you won’t quit, because you don’t want to look bad in front of others. This is when the ego is valuable.

If I would’ve started writing articles by myself I would’ve probably stopped a while ago. Thanks to Matt, and the Your MBA Purpose ecosystem, I know am accountable to a bigger group of people (including you) which makes me keep hustling and maintaining the momentum strong.

Thank you all for keeping me accountable and going strong!

Now it is your turn. Find an accountability partner for that activity that has been challenging to maintain.

If you don’t know where or how to start this article may help.



What is your massive professional goal? It might be something you are embarrassed to say out loud. Don’t be shy, be courageous. What do you want your professional legacy to be? What will make you proud when your children ask what you do for your job? Will they write epic poems of your accomplishments? Maybe not, but you get the point.

There is no shame in wanting to, as Steve Jobs would say, “make a dent in the universe.” In fact, it is my belief, if more people lived out their goals the world would be a better place. Many people are likely in the wrong profession, there are engineers who should be artists, office workers who should be doctors, and college students with massive debt who should have learned a trade.

The point is many people limit who they can be for various reasons. Knowing who you are will allow you to become who you should be. And that’s my goal, to show people they have unlimited potential if they would just be honest with themselves and work daily toward their goal.

Knowing the goal is not enough, there must be continual action, and it needs to be the correct action. We can all fall into a trap of being busy while missing key strategies which would get us to our goal. One of the best strategic elements you can do is join or build a team.

I am an only child, introvert, and can become frustrated when people don’t work at my speed. Now that I am 33, I have realized others have passed me up and are attaining their goals while I am fighting alone. This realization has shown me the only way to reach my goals is with a team.

Excitedly I found the people who share similar goals. This team will be revealed next week!

I am ecstatic for this group and to see how we can help others while building a business together. Yet, in all transparency, it has not been easy. When you are by yourself, it’s simple to schedule your calendar and make decisions. With a team . . . well, we have all been there trying to set a meeting. Does this time work for you? No, I have a thing. What about this day? No, I have to be in another city. Those are just meetings! When big decisions come up there is a cascade of differing opinions.

Even with the difficulties, a team is still better than being alone.

As a team, you must be more strategic in your decisions and be consistent in your actions. You cannot have teammates going in their own direction. Once the goal has been established, everyone moves toward it until you have accomplished your task.

Continual small steps as a group will lead to massive results. Remember the river discussed in the intro? Your team is the proverbial stream. When you start moving together you gain momentum. Then more water accumulates (additional teammates). Suddenly you are a river which can’t be stopped and are cutting through rocks.

It is not easy. But it’s worth the struggle. A team going in one direction is essential for success. Once you choose your goal, make the strategic choices which have everyone amplifying their strengths. Your team will become an unstoppable machine. The key is to be consistent and strategic.

Alejandro and I often ask, “what’s our one goal for the year, quarter, month, week, and day?” They all must align, and when they do, your team is unstoppable.


Finding Great Teams

There is no doubt having a great team will keep you accountable. Being accountable will help you with continuity. The continuity will build momentum.

Once you have momentum you will be unstoppable.

How do you find such a team? Where can you find like minded people?

The first step you have to take is in the direction of becoming that type of person that you want to attract. Then you have to put yourself in a position where your odds of finding like-minded people are higher.

Attending an MBA program, working for a non-profit, joining a professional organization, volunteering, these are all activities where most of the people that participate are purposeful people.

At Your MBA Purpose, our goal is to become an ecosystem of purposeful people. We want to create an environment of collaboration where we are all pushing each other to expand our limits. We are comfortable with uncomfortable and we want to help you do the same.

This is just the beginning. Soon we will join an even bigger ecosystem, we are joining forces with more purposeful individuals to have a bigger impact.

Are you ready to make changes? Stay connected so that you can take it to the next level with us.  

This is a series of articles by Alejandro I. Sanoja and Matt Avery, see our past articles here.