Where Did My Day Go?

You may be a student, a job seeker, a stay-at-home individual, or a working professional but have you ever felt yourself baffled at 10:00 pm that the entire day has gone and yet you have so many unfinished things? Don’t be afraid to say “YES”. I am also one of you, and writing about it doesn’t make me any better.  

However, I am trying to follow these three tips and looks like they are worth a try: 

1) List and prioritize -  Try to list all the activities you want to do in your day, it can be on a paper if you are a pen and paper person, or can be on your phone, tablet, or laptop. While some people may like to capture this a night before, others may prefer a fresh start.  

Don’t try to put them in a sequence just brainstorm and list the activities down. Now, when you feel that you have covered all the activities, try to prioritize them. You can also highlight the activities which you really need to finish today since the chances are you might have listed more than you could cover in a day. You can re-write them in the order or can just number them.  

2) 5-minute Rule – You are all set but chances of any ad-hoc activity coming up are also high, you may notice your desk or home is messy, you get a request from your colleague or family member or anything else, just don’t ignore it. Take a moment to think about it, can it be done in 5-minutes. If so, let’s do it. This extra activity will not only keep your brain calm but your heart happy. 

3) Reward – A break is like a reward. Just take a quick break after one activity is finished and take that moment to appreciate your efforts. Yes, if you will not appreciate yourself, no one ever will. Let's gear up for the next one as your ego is boosted and you are all rejuvenated.  

Now, if you still get more time in your day and you want to do more and more since you are unstoppable today, just relax! Read your favorite book or watch your television series, or do something that makes you happy and enjoy, because tomorrow it is again going to be a busy day.

Shruti Jindal, MBA