3 Ways to Be More Like Powerful Women We Adore

I heard this story recently about a woman with a tragic journey. Her son died and before she had time to fully grieve her loss, a few months later, she was given her pink slip. The week she was fired she was scheduled to talk at an event. Without telling anyone about what had happened to her, she took the podium and did what she was there to do. Crazy enough, someone in the audience loved her presentation and later hired her.

This woman is like many women who have on a brave face, who grieve in silence, who fight the good fight. You know this woman, you see her at the local coffee shop, at your office, or in your own home. Women with grit, heart, endurance, fortitude and the backbone to carry on.

We want to be like these women. We strive to be them on a daily basis. Or at least I do.

I created a few guidelines for myself to help me reach that level and I encourage you to try them as well. These are meant to be little changes; small things to develop good habits. There’s no way to tell how we will react when the worst day comes, but I challenge you to perform better with every stumbling block.


Sticking Around

Sticking around is about being the last person to leave to help clean up after you’ve had a long day. It’s being able to keep the positive attitude when your team is losing badly. Being able to say, “I can help” when you were supposed to leave an hour ago.

Why? Because every time you stick around, you’re proving to others that you can be counted on. You’re proving to yourself that you have that little bit of gas to get whatever needs to get done, done. Because when you get fired one day - you still show up to do your presentation.


Doing More

Doing more is about seeing that piece of trash left behind and throwing it away when it’s not yours. It’s remembering Veteran’s Day and sending someone you know who served a thank you note. Being able to think outside the box and leaving a lasting impression.

Why? Because when you do more, you’re showing everyone else that you can be a leader. You’re proving to yourself that you are capable of thoughtful and timely actions that lead to bigger things. Because when you show up to do your presentation you don’t just present - you crush it.  


Pushing Forward

Lastly, pushing forward is about not giving up when no one has called you about your job applications. It’s knowing you made a mistake, taking responsibility, and having an action plan to correct it. Being able to see a mountain of work and starting small, but taking a stab at it every day.

Why? Because when you push forward, you’re demonstrating just how powerful you are. You’re proving to yourself that you can, in fact, do it despite how hard a task might seem. Because when a loved one passes away and you get fired, you show up to your presentation anyway and crush it and land a new job where you’re happy.

I encourage you to find resilient women and mirror their actions. When you find her, realize that that is what a role model looks like. Try out my guidelines as I strive day in and day out to be more like those women.