3 Ways to Get It Done When You’re Not Inspired

Some mornings are easier than others. Some days feel longer than others. Sometimes the coffee pump is just right and the creative juices are flowing.  Then we have days where creativity is at a standstill.

Whether you’re in a creative field or a highly technical area, we all face similar moods. We all have our good days and bad days, but we’re not entitled to use it as an excuse.

Especially when it comes to a creative job, it’s easy to say “I’m not feeling inspired right now” and then switch off to school social media. In the end, nothing gets done. You get bored of seeing pictures of people doing fun things without you, you come back to your work and feel as equally “uninspired”. Instead of just waiting around to see if inspiration shows up in the form of a dove - Do Anything.

Literally, do anything even remotely related to your task. Writing a blog? Starting typing about your weekend instead like you were writing to a friend. You have to create a boring slide deck for a presentation? Create a slide, make it as fun as you’d like, break all the corporate rules. It’s easier to delete crazy emoji’s from a presentation later once you’ve got the ball rolling, than trying to start out with a bland deck.

You tried doing something related and you were on a roll with your weekend blog, but nothing came back around to your central theme. Take a Lap around your cubicle, floor, desk, wherever. Allow yourself a mental and physical break from the normal desk posture. Sometimes moving around can help solve some of the issues you’re facing on this challenge.

It’s important to not get distracted by the cute person down the hall or spent excessive amounts around the watering hole. This lap has an intended purpose. You’re getting your blood going, your body moving, and you’re coming back to face your blog/slide deck/whatever head on.

You tried options A and B, but none of them helped. You’re down to Option C, the hardest of them all. It’s time to Accept Defeat. Realize that the slide deck you’ve been dreading is officially winning. You cannot avoid it, you cannot pass it off, you cannot spaz it up enough to make it fun.

You can, however, change your attitude about the deck and admit that you just need to do it. Often when there’s a big task, we find excuses to not complete it. We’re missing stats from XYZ department, I can’t find the right font for the blog, I’m not quite sure what I want to say - accept it. Move on. Get it done.

These aren’t a science. As a writer, I’m often faced with days where I just don’t want to write. I blame it on the lack of caffeine, the topic, or the weather. I push off certain things at work or at home because “I’m not feeling it”, but that’s not a valid excuse. You don’t have to “feel it” to get it done. You just have to work on it and put your best effort.

Often I don’t find myself in Option C until the deadline is approaching, but the idea is that we have more options than accepting defeat and getting it done due to a cutoff point. We can try Options A and B first and hopefully put out better work.

Next time you’re not in the mood to get that thing you’ve been avoiding all week done, try one these options.

Another great way to get things done is to have a strong purpuse, so that when challenges arise we can power through them. 

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