Are You Scared?

How many times have you dreamed of being successful, get more responsibilities, and get more visibility? If you are a career-oriented person your answer would be “Every moment, even with my open eyes”. But how many times have you felt that you are overloaded with work and found yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities? Well, I guess your answer would be “All the time”. 

Well yes, being a human we all have a tendency to stay in our comfortable zone, where we can feel safe and less prone to any mistakes or finger pointing. But unless we get more responsibilities, how we will grow? 

Do you think any successful CEO of any multi-national company was born to take all those decisions, was born to lead a company and give it a direction, was born with a capability to take care of the lives of all the employees working in that company? The answer is “No”. No matter how many times you compliment anyone saying “You are a born leader” but believe me one can be born with that energy, but, the capability to do so can only be earned over the lifetime.  

Thus, what would have happened if the same CEO (20-25 years ago, please don’t quote me on this timeline, you can become a CEO even faster) would have baffled at the very first assignment and would have said “Man! This is a lot of responsibility. I cannot do it. Let me quit this thing and fantasized about hitting the slide”. Do you think he /she could have achieved what they have today or have reached where they are today? 

So, when the responsibilities come to you do not show your back, welcome the challenge. When life throws you surprises, face them. Manage your time well. (Article about time-management.) And next time when you will get the same responsibilities they will not be a challenge at all. The next challenges are again yet to come!

Shruti Jindal