Discover 5 Different Ways to Manage Stress

Your car breaks down on the highway, you left your cup of coffee at home, you get an email that 12% of your business unit is getting fired - stress is everywhere.

We face it on a daily basis and we survive it ...somehow. Some stress can be good, others can be unproductive, but we have to learn to deal.

These are my 5 go-to ways of dealing with all my stresses - big and small.


1. Get Your Blood Pumping


Stress can be toxic for the body and getting active is a great way to stay healthy.

Moving and jiving really helps your body release stress in a fun way. Depending on your normal activity level, there are many different levels of physical activities you can try. You can even take the time to tackle one of your fears and try something new like rock climbing. All in all, it’s just positive practice to keep yourself active when you’re feeling particularly stress.


2. Practice/Research


This is little specific to situations admittedly, but it’s something I do often. When I’m stressed about an upcoming presentation, I practice so much that I can go through it in my sleep.

If I’m worried about an upcoming conversation with my boss, I research the ways I can improve how the conversation will flow by looking up body language articles and more. These two things can be useful because you feel empowered the more you practice or research. The more you know, the better you feel.


3. Get to Working


Sometimes though, it’s not enough to look up articles to calm the nerves.

Stressing is easy when you have nothing else to do, but it gets complicated when you’re bogged down with tasks. Find something to do and keep yourself busy. Open up Pinterest and follow through on making that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do.

Work on something tedious and time consuming like a puzzle or keep your hands busy with some old fashion yard work. Everything and anything that will keep your mind occupied and help time fly by.


4. Get Lost Somewhere New


Another way to help your mind stay off that scary, stressful topic is to get lost somewhere new.

Discover an unexplored part of town, visit a new museum that just opened up or eat at a restaurant you keep seeing trending on Instagram - just some ideas for getting your mind off that stressful thing. It doesn’t mean you have to go far to get lost though. Movies are my go-to when I’m on a low budget and in comfy clothes.

Nothing beats getting lost in a distant world like a good movie and some popcorn on the couch. Pick something that will allow you to submerse yourself and truly distract yourself in that environment.


5. Plan Something Else


Speaking of environment, it can help to look beyond your current situation. Sometimes knowing there’s a future can help make your current stresses feel small. I like to plan something I’m looking forward to, to keep my mind off things.

Usually, it’s a complex trip to a foreign country with sky blue waters and delicious beachfront drinks. These are usually dreams, but it helps to escape reality. On occasion, I will plan something feasible like a getaway weekend to a historic town nearby or a day-trip with the girls. Anything that will help me realize there’s life beyond this hiccup.

At the end of the day we all process stress differently, but it’s worth it to try out new ways to destress. It’s not always a bad thing to be stressful!