1 Simple Change that can Help You Maintain Your Health

Impressions matter. Whether you like it or not, everyone is judging you and you are judging everyone.  

Yet, judging can be positive. It doesn’t always have to be labeling others or developing creating feelings towards them of the judgments we make.  

We judge because we need to survive. Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Psychologist, says that people look to answer two questions when they first meet you (full article by Business Insider here):

  • Can I trust this person?

  • Can I respect this person?  

There are also other questions, closely related to these ones, that we also have to answer quickly: 

  • Does this person want to hurt me or help me?

  • Can they accomplish their intent?  

Think about it, all throughout history humans have had to answer this questions as quickly as possible. We’ve lived in war for so many years, tribes and empires fighting each other.  

Thinking for too long when facing a possibly dangerous situation could cost your life, that is why we are wired to judge as quick as possible.  

The goal of this article is to share with you how you can make the most of this human mechanism of “quick judgment” and use it to your advantage. We will explore how the way you look can be used as a tool to advance your career.  

A big part of how we look on the outside is connected to how we look on the inside. Being self-aware, and connected to our thoughts and emotions, is a key component of having a strong presence. Yet, today we will focus a bit more on the outside.

“Healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Today we will focus on how to maintain a healthy body* and understand how that is connected to your presence and personal brand. 


Simplifying Your Health Maintenance


 This is me competing at the Crush Games

This is me competing at the Crush Games

We have about 4 seconds to gain the trust and respect of others. How can we make the most out of those 4 seconds?

Since there is not a lot we can say in 4 seconds, it is mostly about how we look. How we look includes the way we dress, our height and weight, they way we walk, how groomed we are, etc.  

Today we will focus on our weight, which is closely related to our health.   

IMPORTANT: There’s a big difference between being healthy and being fit.

Our focus will be on maintaining that health.

Over the years I’ve tried almost everything there is out there in terms of exercise and nutrition to maintain my health. Some years health was the main focus, while I was a competitive basketball player, and others haven't been as much. Yet, there is no excuse for not to take care of ourselves.  

I’ve done 5 meals a day, 8 meals a day, and only 1 meal per day. I’ve done paleo, the zone, intermittent fasting, and the eat-whatever-I-want diet too. I’ve gone from no supplements to every kind of supplement.

At one point I had three types of protein shakes, and I would consume then at different times of the day (some are better pre-workout, some post-workout, and some before long periods of fasting). 

Yes, it sounds very complicated.

What I’ve learned is that the simpler we keep it the easier it will be to maintain it. How many of you have the time to cook every day? Or to go 2-3 hours per day to the gym?

 Weightlifting with an Olympic Gold Medallist

Weightlifting with an Olympic Gold Medallist

We all have jobs, families, and other things we have to do. This is exactly why we have to keep it simple.

MugDiet is exactly that.

It is a custom-made, sleekly designed mug manufactured on an individual basis. MugDiet isn’t a lose-weight-quick fix, and it’s not a gimmick.

The philosophy simply makes sense: Weight loss = calories in < calories out

The best part is that it is integrated with technology. It is connected with Instagram to track your progress and meals. 

If you want to simplify the process of maintaining your health, with MugDiet, click here for more information.

Another benefit of maintaining your health is that it will be so much easier to buy clothes, which is another key component of the impression you make in those first 4 seconds. 

Let’s be clear, it is not so much about the brand of the clothes. It is about how well they fit and how they go in line with the context and the message you want to tell.

Have you ever had to stop using clothes because they no longer fit? Or maybe you have trouble buying clothes because nothing fits.

Yes, it is true that some brand (maybe most) make their clothes with a specific body type in mind. Yet we can’t control what those brands do, we can only control what we do about it.

What are you going to do about it?

This article was sponsored by MugDiet.

*At BizLatte, we are not nutritionists or doctors. The information shared here is only our personal views on the topic and some of the experiences we’ve had related to it. You should see a doctor before starting any diet or nutrition plan.