Introducing the Creator’s Journey Workshop That Will Help You Be Heard & Share Your Message With the World


The story goes like this.

There was a shoe company that was thinking about opening a new territory because they wanted to maintain their growth trend. Because of this, they decided to send a salesperson to check the region, do some research, and come back with the findings. Doing so would allow the company to make an informed decision.

The salesperson came back and reported “No one wears shoes there, there is no market or demand. Going there would be a complete waste of time”.

Yet, the company wasn’t convinced. They wanted to be completely sure before making a decision, so they sent another salesperson.

This time, the salesperson reported “This is a great opportunity. No one wears shoes which means we will have the market for ourselves as soon as we get there.”

Have you heard the story before? If so, the most important thing is to pay attention to the story you are telling yourself when you listen to this story (kind of like inception about stories).

Who are you when evaluating new opportunities and trying to make decisions? Do you see problems or do you see challenges that can turn into opportunities?

What if when the salesperson came back the report was “People already wear shoes, and there are some providers. There is no point in going there.”? How many of you miss opportunities because you don’t want to do the work?

I get it! Sometimes life has beaten you so much that your hope is nowhere to be found. You’ve probably tried several times without success and that took away all the energy you had.

Yet, if other people are doing it it's because there is a market for it. In his book Originals, Adam Grant shares some research that makes the argument that it might not be as valuable as it seems to be the first mover in a market.

Being pioneers will mean that we will spend a lot of time and money into discovering and learning. Meanwhile, someone else can learn from our mistakes without even spending that time and money. They get the rewards without the risk!

Not being able to be the first is an excuse!

Not wanting to do it because there are others already doing it is an excuse!

As you know, at BizLatte there is no place for excuses because we turn them into reasons. We draw energy from obstacles to challenge the status quo!

Especially today, because we have something BRAND NEW that we want to share with you!

The Creator’s Journey


You might not be in the shoe business or you might not be in any business yet, but we can change that.

Maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of starting a clothing brand, creating your blog to share your journey and interests, or you already have a side-gig but you don’t know what to do next to grow.

Most likely, you have already tried Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform to connect with your audience and share value, but you feel that it is too much work for the results you have had so far.

We share the feeling with you because we’ve been there. In fact, we are still facing some challenges and we have no doubt that there will always be challenges.

Yes, in less than a year we’ve been able to grow an Instagram following of 35,000. But we are now facing the challenge of getting to 100K in less than 2 years! In fact, some people have done that in less than 1 year. What about getting to a million followers?

What would 30,000 or 100,000 followers will mean for you? Don’t just think of it as vanity stats, this is not to show off with your friends and family that you are famous.

These followers are real people. In our case, we connect with the over messaging, emails, our blogs, videos, and we’ve seen how just posting a simple quote card can change someone’s day.

You might say:

  • What if I don’t have anything to sell?

  • What if I’m not an expert in anything yet?

  • I don’t know where to begin

I know. This is your defense and survival mechanism trying to save you. As human beings, we are wired to preserve energy so that we can survive. Embarking on the journey of being a creator means using energy with a not so clear or secure reward. So how can we bypass that survival system?

Take The Red Pill


Yes, just take the red pill. Follow Neo’s example.

In fact, you can be the Neo of your own life. You probably remember that Morpheus was Neo’s master. Yet, later we found out that Morpheus isn’t actually the best at fighting the agents and figuring out how to solve all the problems they faced.

Yet, he was able to mentor and coach Neo into becoming the one that will help solve their problems. This is exactly what we are offering.

We have figured the answer to some obstacles that you will face as a creator but we definitely haven’t figured out all the answers. Our invitation is for you to take the red pill and take some steps into the creator’s journey.

As a creator, you might feel like no one is listening to you.

What you have to say is important yet you can’t seem to make it past the noise. Even if you scream it seems impossible to be heard!

This is what most entrepreneurs and creators face on a daily basis. We know because we’ve been there. Life throws obstacles at you every day and you are strong and you find ways to overcome these but at some point, that strength starts to fade.

Maybe you want to make some money on the side, you want to build a personal brand and be an influencer, or you want to start creating that side-hustle so that you can quit your job sometime in the future while being financially free.

Can you already imagine what that level of freedom feels like?

It is true that you cannot change where you are in a day, but you can definitely change where you are heading!

At BizLatte, that is what we are all about… Challenging the Status Quo!

We want to share with you how we’ve been able to get thousands of visits to our blog, grown an Instagram following of more than 35,000, outrank pages like Forbes and Tai Lopez on Google Searches, and all this in less than a year. You could be at the same place by early 2018 if you start taking action today!

The thing is that we already help other people create sources of income by leveraging digital marketing. At Elisha Consulting, we help businesses build brands that sell. Yet, we know that it might be impossible for you, as an entrepreneur or creator, to pay the thousands of dollars that we charge for our monthly services.

But we also know that it is you who needs help the most. You have something important and valuable that you want to share. You might already have a product or service that can add value to the life of others or you might want to start creating a product or a service today.

This is why Elisha Consulting and BizLatte have partnered to make this information available to you.

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