Life Hack - How to be Happier in 5 Steps

“Fake it till you make it” “Doing the ‘Superman pose’ every day will increase your confidence” “Practice makes perfect” - what do these all have in common? They reflect on how skills such as confidence need to be worked on daily.

Happiness is a skill that also needs to be rehearsed daily. Being positive every day is a difficult task, but with these five easy tips you can be a happier person today.


1. Sleep, Exercise, Eat, and Drink Water

Mood can easily be impacted by imbalances. Make sure you’re getting your daily exercise in, even if it’s a short 10-minute walk. Exercise has been proven to trigger happy chemical releases in your body that will surely spark a smile. In addition, getting a full night’s rest, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water for your body are key to staying balanced .

2. Let Yourself Be Sad

It seems odd to talk about sadness in an article about happiness, but across 4 studies it has shown that “when people think others expect them not to feel negative emotions (i.e., sadness) they experience more negative emotion and reduced well-being.” Never feel that you cannot express anything other than happiness. If you are having a bad day and you need a moment to yourself, feel it and let yourself be sad or upset.

3. Spend Your Money

Don’t throw money at fatty treats or materialistic items, instead spend it on family and experiences. You can start by spending something minimal like $0.99 on a meditation app or start saving money for a round trip to Prague. Be wise with where you want to take yourself. Buying something transient like new shoes might help in the short run, but long-term people are happier when they spend more time in experiences.

It’s easy to get happy towards the excitement about a long awaited trip.

4. Meet Up with Friends/Family Outside

Although it is a pain to put pants and get dressed for brunch with friends, spending more time socializing can boost your happy meter. Enjoy a cup of a coffee and catch up with a family member or call up an old friend to see how things have changed. To maximize on this effort, take your meet up outside. Having some sun on your face can make even the worst day better. If possible, according to a study the best place is by the sea.

5. Take Action

Although bone structure or bone density, height, and genetics have a huge role to play in weight, a lot of the time weight can be controlled with proper eating habits and regular exercise. Similarly, happiness is something you can work on. Make a conscious effort to improve your mood and feel the difference.


Happiness is something that can be worked on and through practice, you can get better at it. Next time you’re feeling down, take a long walk or call up an old pal and see it you can’t improve your mood. Like all things, it will take time and it is a journey with some minor ups and downs, but overall happiness is truly achievable.

What are some of your go-to things when you need a boost? Comment below.