Meet the Genie that Will Make Your Job Wishes Come True

How nice would it be to find a bottle with a Genie in it?

You could ask for everything you’ve ever wanted. How valuable is that bottle to you?

Now take the other position, imagine you are the Genie and have the power to make wishes come true. How much would people value you and your ability?

You have what it takes to become a Genie to most people. The best part is that you don’t need magic powers to do so.

Everyone around us is facing challenges. We all have the power to help and add value in some way, even if it’s only listening.

The problem is most of us are focused on our own problems and challenges. In other words, we are all looking for that Genie in a bottle, but nobody wants to be the Genie.

Those few that decide to play the role of the Genie will be in a great position. Large demand and small supply.

Of course, it is easier to just ask than to serve others. Yet you can serve yourself by serving others if you do it the right way.

This exact situation happens when people are searching for jobs. Most people think “I want a job” instead of “the company needs an employee”.

Because you are thinking just from your perspective, you quickly craft a resume to send to as many job applications as you can. But you do so without thinking from the company’s perspective.

On the other side, there are people who take the time to understand themselves to discover their strengths and weaknesses. These are people who do research about the companies, understand what their needs are, and take the time to network to get to know their future co-workers.

This process allows for both parties to determine if it is a good fit.

Yes, this process takes longer because it requires time and energy. But the harder part is just getting started and building important habits. Then it is just like pushing a snowball downhill. At some point, it will pick up momentum and will not be so labor-intensive.

Taking the time to create a resume that will make you stand out is important. You have to do research to understand what type of resume best fits the industry you want to work at. Also, you have to understand what the keywords are and type of information the recruiter wants to see.

Again, this all seems like a lot of work but don’t panic because we are here to help. We have done the research for you so that you can stand out and get that job that will be a great fit for you and the company you want to work for.


Your Job Search Is Not About You, It’s About Them


As an introvert, I dread the “what do you do question?” I never know what to say. Does this person really want to know, or are they just being polite? Do they want to listen to the nuances of an entrepreneur or would I bore them within the first 10 seconds of describing my marketing business and BizLatte? What I want to say is, “I make dreams come true.”

That’s really what I do for businesses and individuals. Follow me for a minute. As a marketing consultant, I listen to the goals companies have and work on ways to deliver those dreams through marketing campaigns, website development, and analytics. With BizLatte, we help individuals find their dream job and develop an actionable strategy to secure the job. So, yeah, I make dreams come true.

How is this relevant to resumes? Easy, your goal as a job-seeker is to be the dream employee for a company and you do this through user experience. Keep staying with me, you are doing awesome. “I make dreams come true” is a way of saying, I improve user experience.

Now let's go deeper, you should always think of yourself as a business, you are <insert your name> Inc.

I know it sounds strange, yet you have a personal brand whether you like it or not, and we can simply think of this as your personal business. Now that you are a business, think about some basics. As a company, how are you viewed and how is your user experience? Is it easy for recruiters and decision makers to understand the value you bring?

If I looked at your current resume, would your skills and accomplishments stand out or would I have to search for them, or worse, would they not even be apparent? A resume must have a good user experience. Your resume should be industry specific, have a logical flow, display your career highlights, and leave people wanting more ← that is good user experience.

Let’s bring this all together. My job is to make dreams come true, the BizLatte team wants you to live a phenomenal life where you do excellent work and are fulfilled. One of the necessary items for that to occur is for you to see yourself as an individual business which must provide a flawless user experience. Your resume is a core offering for <insert your name> Inc. How does that offering read? Is the user experience top-notch or does it need work?


We all need jobs to pay the bills.

Yet, most people feel miserable at their jobs because they play the short game. What I mean by this is that most people see a job as a way to fulfill basic needs, such as physiological needs (food, water, rest, etc.) and safety needs (a house for shelter).

But what we sometimes fail to see is that what we do for a living is a big part of our lives. It represents almost 50% of our days, sometimes even more.

This means a job HAS to be a source to fulfill other needs too. The next needs, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, are belongingness and love needs (intimate relationships, friends) and esteem needs (prestige and feeling of accomplishment). For this reason, we need to be two or three steps ahead in our job search.

The questions shouldn’t just be: Will this job allow me to pay the bills?

Instead, we should ask: Will I get a sense of belonging and accomplishment at this job?

The easiest way to answer that second question is to first understand the company. What’s in it for them? What are they all about? What do they value most?

There is no right or wrong approach, some companies are more task-oriented and others are more relationship-oriented. Both of those approaches have positives and negatives, like everything else in life.

So by first understanding a company and their needs we will be in a great position to decide if it is a great fit for both parties.

There is a great story about George Clooney that illustrates this to perfection. This story is shared by Ryan Holiday in his book The Obstacle is The Way.

During his first years, Clooney kept getting rejected in auditions. He kept trying hard to get noticed and impress people (he was focused on him and his “talent”).

At some point, Clooney realized that casting is actually a big cost for most producers (it is the same for companies this is why it makes sense to hire people from their network or referrals because it’s low-cost).

This realization helped him to start thinking from the perspective of the producers. He now wanted to solve their problem of finding the right talent for their movie instead of solving his problem of getting a job as an actor.

Once he understood this, he changed everything he did to fit this new perspective and he started getting jobs.

Ask yourself: What would be a great employee for “X” company?

Start meeting people from those companies that you would like to work with and see what type of people they are. Again, this is not to judge if they are good or bad people. This is to understand if it would be a good for both parties.

This act of meeting people from the companies you would like to work for is called an Informational Interview. BizLatte has put together a FREE e-guide for you to navigate this process in an easy and simple way.

Become the Job Genie

Recruiters, hiring managers, and decision makers are looking for talented individuals. You are talented, but you might be thinking too much about yourself. During your job search who are you focused on, you or the company where you are applying?

Everything changes when you realize you are solving a hiring decision for others. Don’t think about you and what the company will do for you, instead, confidently think about how you are helping the company fill a role in improving business.

Research the needs of the business and how you fit their need. One of the best ways to do this is with a resume which clearly explains your skills, accomplishments, and experience. If your resume needs some work, the BizLatte team is here for you. We offer custom resumes and coaching services to provide a necessary tool for you to become the Genie which makes business’ dreams come true.

Maybe it’s not a resume, you need to improve your LinkedIn presence. If so, view our LinkedIn e-guide which has taken numerous people to LinkedIn’s “All Star Status” in one afternoon.

Until next time, stay caffeinated and become the Genie which serves others.

Alejandro I. Sanoja & Matt Avery