The BizLatte Caffeinated Awards for Best 5 Blogs of 2017


Everyone says they want to be a blogger and social media influencer… but nobody wants to put the work to it!

There are several obstacles in the way of people making a living out of blogging. The two biggest ones are getting started and being consistent. Yes, the blogs need to be valuable and you have to be a good writer, but if you get started and you are consistent those challenges will be solved.

With enough blog, you will get better, and by analyzing the data (Google Analytics and Google Search Console) you will understand where is the value to keep doing more of that.

At BizLatte, we are not even close to making a living out of blogging but we have no doubt we will get there at some point because we got started and we are consistent. So far we’ve had almost 20,000 pageviews and are getting close to 1,000 unique visitors per month, and this is just the beginning!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 blogs of 2017:


5 - Learn the Art of the Slow Yes and the Quick No


We all struggle with saying no, and that makes us be less efficient and effective than what we could be. Also, it can mean burning out. In this article, Matt and I share the strategies and tactics to say no to good opportunities so that we can then say yes to great opportunities.

Being selfish is not always bad! Read more here.


4 - This is How Introverts & Immigrants Can Start Conversations With Anyone


As introverts, we know that we can be awkward sometimes. Those uncomfortable situations may lead to avoiding social interactions. And avoiding social interactions leads to more awkwardness because without practice there is no improvement. Do you see the vicious cycle?

We struggle but only until we find the “weird thing” we have in common with someone else. In this article, I share how I’ve been able to embrace the struggle as an introvert and immigrant, to become more comfortable with social interactions. It is a proven process and I want to share it with you. Read more here.


3 - From Almost College Dropout to Outstanding MBA Student


Life is not easy nor fair, and we have to accept it.

This article is about how we can use the struggles and obstacles we face in life and use these as fuel to take our lives and careers to the next level. I share with you how to transform excuses into reasons, to define and achieve success on your own terms. Are you ready to embrace challenges to change your life? Read more here.


2 - 2 Venezolanos con 1 mismo Propósito


Venezuela es mi patria querida. Es mi meta hacer todo lo posible por ayudar a mi país y a mis compatriotas.

En éste artículo, mi querida amiga Kibel y yo salimos al ruedo compartiendo nuestras experience como Venezolanos emigrantes. Compartimos como encontrar tu propósito es clave para poder enfrentarte a todos los restos que, como Venezolano, vas a enfrentar en donde estés. Leer más aquí.


1 - Do You Suck at Interviews? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get a call, or an email, after the interview? You might think everything went great but still, you didn’t make it to the next round. What happened? Take this quiz to analyze your interviewing skills.

This article has been viewed more than 500 times! It outranks, in Google Searches, pages like Fast Company, Reddit, and many other big websites.

Kudos to our contributor, Victoria Arteaga, for getting the top spot. Read more here.


Be The Blogger You Want to Read In the World


Do you think you can do it better? Could you have been in the top 10? Then stop talking and start doing. Send us a message if you want to be a contributor. 2018 is yours for the taking, let’s see who can take the top blog next year!