The Caffeine Has Spoken... Here are the Top 10 Most Popular BizLatte Blogs of 2017


As high-achievers, you know that we are really good at learning and improving. Yet, there is something that most of us fail to do often. That is taking time to review, reflect, and celebrate!

We want to hit pause, slow down, and smell the flowers. This year has been like a roller coaster ride, with a lot of highs and lows, and sometimes we forget to celebrate the so-called small wins.

During 2017, we’ve received the support of many people who are all about making things happen and want to define and achieve success on their own terms. It’s easy to tell because of the amount of time people spend reading our articles, and the feedback we have received. More than 50,000 people have been involved with the BizLatte journey so far!

Today we want to celebrate and share with you part one of the top 10 most popular articles of 2017.

10 - Nobody Cares About You

This article is about how to improve the quality of what you say by becoming a better listener. We share how you can get someone’s attention, in a meaningful way, so that then you can deliver a pitch that will be heard and will provide value to the listener.

Read the article HERE.


9 - This Is How Bloggers in Houston Can Outrank Forbes or Tai Lopez on Google

Being a blogger is a challenge because you are fighting against giants to get noticed, and against yourself and your procrastination habits. Sometimes If might feel lonely and that no one is paying attention. Here, we share how bloggers can win this battle and see light at the end of the tunnel.

Read the article HERE.


8 - This Is What No One Tells You About Having a Work Experience Gap

We love our contributors and our audience loves them too, and this article is proof of that. Mahreen’s very first article makes the cut. Here she shares how a gap in work experience can actually make you a far better candidate. You will learn how to reevaluate your gap in work experience to make it a strength.

Read the article HERE.


7 - Stop Asking Stupid Questions

People say there are no stupid questions… but that’s a lie. “The quality of your life”, as Tony Robbins has mentioned, “will be determined by the quality of the questions you ask”. We have to become better at asking questions and this article shares how we can do that and how can get better at reading people’s answers to our questions.

Read the article HERE.


6 - Science says a Kick in the Butt will get you moving with 100% certainty

Some people need a little push to get moving. By a little push, I mean a kick in the butt. This article is about how teenage kids gave me a kick in the butt about how to create value. Sometimes what we need is to be more like kids so that we don’t let fear, and our adult mindset, to stop us from doing.

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Do you have a favorite article that wasn’t on this list? If so, please share with us. We know that sometimes numbers lie, and there might be a hidden gem within the BizLatte content that could help someone challenge the status quo.

Leave your answer on the comments if you have another favorite article and stay tuned because next week we will release the top 5.