The Path to Mastery Is Full of Struggle and Suffering… Don’t Even Think About Starting If You Are a Quitter

If you are not moving… you are actually going backward! Because while you stop, the rest of the world keeps going.

When you decide to start something, whether it is a business, a new job, graduate school, or anything else, you will have little to no time to rest. This commitment and discipline to take action is important for you to generate momentum.

If you want to define and achieve success on your own terms you can’t stop hustling!

Yes, it is true that you have to rest because if you don’t, you will burn out. But most often people rest when they get just a bit tired.

Your muscles grow when you exercise to the point your muscle fibers tear . . . and it is in the reconstruction process that they are built bigger and stronger. The same needs to happen for growth in any area of your life.

There is a fine line between being a workaholic and hustling to achieve your goals. Most times you have to get burnt a little until you realize you actually need to rest.

It sounds extreme but how will you know your limits if you don’t test them?

There is only one thing that separates the bad from the good, the good from the great, the greats from the legends… just one thing… OBSESSION… It’s a choice, not a gift. It’s ruthless… pain, sacrifice… Obsession is unforgiving. It’s in everyone, but is not for everyone. Every athlete has the choice… Hunt or be hunted. It’s only natural.
— Kobe Bryant

This quote was included by a guy that disliked Kobe. Yet, I have to respect him and totally agree with his statement. There has to be some level of obsession if you want to achieve mastery.

Do you want to be legendary?

Here you won’t find any sugar coating or words of comfort. There is struggle and a bit of suffering involved in the process of changing the status quo.

If you don’t strive to find comfort in uncomfortable situations you might as well stop reading this and go watch some cat videos or some reality TV show.

Are you good or decent at everything you do but not exceptional at anything? This might be because you take the race approach instead of the marathon approach to the things that you do.

Having a strong purpose to actually embrace new challenges is key. That way you won’t find yourself saying YES to everything which will prevent you from being focused and making progress.

This article is for you if you want to reach excellence, and be in your way to mastery, in any area of your life.

We will explore some tools you can use to identify when momentum is created and how to maintain it.

You can do anything but not everything.

Hustle is a Verb


Answer the following question to know if you should keep reading on or not.

Are you more afraid of failure or not succeeding?

If the answer is failure, then you might want to jump to another article or our infographics, those are pretty. If your fear is not succeeding then continue to read.

Those of us who are obsessed with success grind because we want to give everything we have and leave this world knowing we did all we could with our talents. We expect to fail, attain some scars, and mess up. But there is also a chance we succeed in our efforts. Failure is just the price we pay on the toll road to success.

Here is how I deal with failure and perpetually move forward. Let’s go quickly, I have things to do.

Define Success on Your Own Terms: Alejandro and my goal is to help you define success on your own terms. Don’t fall into the trap that success is the same for everyone. For me, success goes in the following order: faith, family, health, and work. FYI, friends would be in health as relationships are important for mental health. Knowing my definition of success means my life looks different than others. I read my Bible and pray daily, spend time with my family each day, workout 5-days a week, and am building a business with my close friend. Most of my contacts make more money than me, but that doesn’t matter as my definition of success doesn’t focus on how much money I make. Trust me, you must align your ideas of success to your daily habits or you will not want to get out of bed.

Read and Find Mentors: This is rather simple. Find people who are doing what you want to do, either within your contacts or someone more well known. Then meet with them and ask them how they got to where they are, or if they are more “famous,” read about them. It’s that easy. Follow the path other pioneers have left for you. I love the phrase, “we all learn from experience, the goal is to learn from other’s experience.” Doing so will get you to success quicker than if you did it alone.

Success is Constantly Changing: There is no point when you have made “it.” Most of us think the new job, city, sexy partner, or any other desire will mean you are successful. No, the only time you stop is when you are dead. Until then keep grinding. There will be “wins” along the way, but you will always need to progress forward. I don’t know about you, but I want to help others my entire life, work out until I can’t move, and spend time with my family until I can’t remember their names. Oh, and there is no way I will retire. Never stop!

Those are my three tips to get you through the struggle. I would love to hear how you deal with challenges, let us know in the comments below.


Do you know how to ride a bicycle or play an instrument?

Or maybe you played sports competitively when you were in high school or college. It is true that once you reach a certain level in any skill you will never forget it and you can pick it up again quickly.

Yet, if you want to reach mastery you have to keep the momentum going.

There are two things you have to do to know you have already generated momentum and to keep it going:

  • Track actions
  • Measure results

That’s it.

Let me give you some examples.

When I came to Houston two years ago I could count the people in my network with my hands. On LinkedIn, I had about 200 contacts.

Now, I regularly have meetings with executives, CEOs, partners of firms, entrepreneurs asking for advice, and have over 1,500 connections on LinkedIn.

To tell you the truth, I should probably be over 2,000 but I stopped working as hard as I was when I started. Yet, I haven’t lost my momentum.

I still get invited to different organizations to talk about how to build a valuable network by making meaningful connections.

I know this because I have been tracking my monthly growth, in terms of LinkedIn connections. Keep in mind that most of these are not just numbers. These are people that I have been meeting at the different networking events I attend every week (every week at least 2 or 3, no excuses).

There were some months where I was adding 88, 120, 79, 87, 114… and then there was an 18. That low month is because I started getting too comfortable.

“I got this, now I know how to network… I don’t need to be going to every event… I will just to the most valuable ones… the ones that I really want to go…”


This kind of thinking is what prevents most of us from achieving what we want. This is our brain trying to preserve energy and trick us into not taking action.

Thankfully I had my tracking excel file and I was able to correct course before losing all my momentum.

What are the goals you want to achieve and the habits you want to create? Are you keeping track of your actions and measuring results?

If you are not, you could find yourself having to start from 0 just because you got lazy and lost momentum.

Keep Going!

Another great example is the drop in ranking that we experienced.

At BizLatte, we were sharing about 8 to 10 pieces of content every week. That got us to be the #397,000 website in the US (according to SimilarWeb), because of our great traffic, time on site, pageviews and bounce rate numbers.

Every month we could see ourselves climbing those rankings, going from the top #500,000 to the top #400,000 and then the top #300,000 (keep in mind that there are more than 800,000,000 active websites in the US).

You could see a clear trend of consistent growth thanks to the momentum we had generated… and then we dropped to the top #600,000.

Again, it is a slowdown not a “start from scratch”. We were are able to correct course because we keep track of many variables on our Google Analytics as well as our Similar Web ranking, and others.

Take a moment to think about the variables you will be tracking, and how you will measure your results. This will help you keep momentum and be on your way to mastery.

Keep going forward!

Our Goal is to Help You

You might have noticed some changes on BizLatte. We were caught up in making the website into a revenue generating machine, and it didn't work. Just look at the above rankings. Now, we are back to where we should have been all along. A purposeful blog for you to attain resources to define and achieve success on your own terms.

It is interesting because as you define success on your own terms, we are living out our goal of creating the resources. Essentially, the above advice was just as much for you as it was for us. 

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