This is How Station Theater Keeps Its Community Happy & Healthy

If anyone tells you that you have to stop eating Skittles to lose weight then stop talking to that person… you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Besides, Skittles are the elixir of life. As a Skittles Connoisseur, I can verify that.

There are just some things we cannot live without. For you, it might also be Skittles, M&M’s, donuts, or pizza.

Usually, a great question you can ask yourself when building a new habit (or breaking an old one) is “Can I do this for the rest of my life?

If the answer is no, then you should not even try.

Because most likely, you might do it for a while and once you’ve used all your willpower you will go back to your old habits. And your old habits will get you in the same situation you were before.

Willpower is a muscle, and we can strengthen it, but it is not unlimited.

I am sure that at this point, you have probably tried many different things to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Protein shakes, green smoothies, Zumba, insanity, yoga, CrossFit, walking, not eating sugar, not drinking alcohol, etc….

Maybe every January you make the same promise only to end up at the same place or even worse than when you started.

Let’s put an end to this vicious cycle!

There is actually an Improv Comedy warm-up (if you want to learn more about it, you can take classes at Station Theater) that we can use as a tool to break out of this negative cycle.

Usually, more information is not the solution to this problem. Google has made available a lot of information that might help us lose problems, yet most of us are still not millionaires or have a six pack!

So what is the missing element?

There are three key pieces that might help us solve this puzzle, and also help maintain our stage in a better state by keeping some pounds off it.

We might even do more fun stuff because we will be nimbler, which will allow us to do faster edits and crazier stunts (more improv lingo, really you should check it out if you want to bring more happiness to your life and to those around you).

Also, the “Arms” nickname might be taken at Station Theater, but some of you may want to take ownership of “Traps”, “Legs”, “Ankles”, or maybe even “Elbows”. These are all yours for the taking!

The elements we need to understand are:

  • As humans, we do more to “not lose” than to “win”

  • We don’t like limitations

  • To make habits we might need to break habits

Let’s explore these pieces and we will also share with you a simple tool that might help you stay on track and maybe even win the challenge (and buy Skittles with the prize money).


How To Not Lose So You Can Win


If you have decided to join a gym, start any type of exercise class, or even doing the 10,000 Fitbit steps every day that is great. Yet, this might not create the fear of losing.

The secret to creating habits is to slowly but surely build momentum that later is hard to stop. We do this by starting small.

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.
— Horace Mann

Pick any exercise (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, lunges) and commit to doing 10 reps of it every day. That’s it.

You might end up doing more some days because you realize that just doing 10 is lazy.

The main purpose is to make it easy for you to keep the momentum going. You can do 10 push-ups (or pull-ups, or sit-ups, etc.) anywhere, anytime. There are no excuses.

You need less than 30 seconds.

This will allow you to never feel overwhelmed by the activity you are trying to start. Maybe you don’t feel like going to the gym because it is rush-hour or you don't want to go out for a walk because it is raining.

But there is no valid excuse for not doing 10 rep of your chosen exercise.

You can have results or excuses, not both.


Creating The Illusion Of a No-Limits Diet


This is where the improv warm-up fits in.

We don't like to lose the ability to decide. We don't like limits and boundaries.

So, thinking “I cannot eat sugar anymore for the rest of my life” might actually make you crave more of it. Or “I cannot eat pizza for the rest of my life” might make you give up before even starting.

The trick is to use the “Not today, maybe tomorrow” phrase like the one we use in the bowl of spaghetti warm up (actually, it’s a combination of two phrases from that warm up).

By doing so, we trick our brain into thinking that there is no actual boundary. Also, we build up or momentum of willpower because we only need to resist for a day.

After resisting for a day, you actually feel empowered to maybe resist for just another day.

Pizza? “Not today, maybe tomorrow”. Then, you just resist for that day.


Making & Breaking Habits


Don’t rely on your willpower to make or break a habit.

The easier you make for yourself to make healthy decisions, the less you will have to rely on your willpower. Thus, you can save it for when you really need it.

For example, if you are at home and craving Skittles or any other unhealthy snack and you don’t have any of it at your home then most probably you won’t eat it.

If you go out to eat go to places where the options are healthier, that way you won’t have to use your willpower to say no to that chicken fried chicken.

By doing so, you will save you willpower for when you cannot control your environment. Maybe someone brings donuts or muffins to your office. That’s when you will need your willpower.

To keep a habit, it also helps to make a public commitment or have a bullying-partner (it’s like an accountability partner but on steroids). This is the person that will have no filter when bullying you so that you can make better decisions. Doing so will make you “fear” not making the commitment (remember that we do more to not lose than to win).

So one thing we can all do is starting next week we can all share a post saying that we are participating in Station Theater’s Weight-losstronauts challenge and that in two months we should be at least 5 pounds lighter (and while doing so we also tag Station Theater so that we can promote the place that has given us so much and we can help others become part of this amazing community).


Putting It All Together


This is a lot of information so by using the following template we will make it simple. Submit the form so that you can download the template for FREE. 

Name *

You only have to do two things:

  • Do 10 reps of your selected exercise EVERY DAY

  • Say “Not today, maybe tomorrow” at least 2 or 3 times per week

Make a mark on the template every day that you do your 10 reps (I use a checkmark) and also make a mark for each day that you successfully resisted eating something that you shouldn’t eat (I use a circle) by saying “Not today, maybe tomorrow”.

That’s it.

Once you have several days in a row of doing 10 reps you won’t want to break the streak. Also, once you see that you can resist for at least a day to eating unhealthy stuff you will start feeling empowered to going two days in a row, maybe three?

*This article contains general information about nutrition, health, and diets. The information is not advice and should not be treated as such. You should consult your doctor or another professional healthcare provider before starting an exercise or diet program.