Ramon Santillan

Interview Consultant | Hiring Expert | Social Researcher

Ramon Santillan is the founder of PersuasiveInterview.com.  Before he was an Interview Consultant, he was a tax consultant for the world’s biggest accounting firm, the world’s biggest oil driller, and the founder of his own tax practice.

Ramon teaches his clients how to be more charismatic, feel (and look) more confident, and shows them the right way to “brag” about themselves during interviews.  He has been quoted by U.S. News & World Report, CBS, Yahoo!, CareerBuilder.com, Chicago Tribune and many others as an interviewing expert.

His clients think he’s pretty great.  He tends to agree. Ramon is a graduate from the UT’s Red McCombs School of Business, a graduate from the FBI’s Citizen Academy, a Certified Corporate Trainer, has been Historian, Vice President, and President for the ALPFA Houston Chapter, husband of one, father of two, and friend of many. He loves reading and consistently reads between 48-52 books a year.  Tell him about your favorite book and he’ll add it to his Amazon Wishlist.

Ramon also enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person.  He thinks it’s fun.

For more detailed steps on perfecting your interview answers, make sure to get Ramon’s book: Big 4 Interview Questions: Why the Answer matters more than the Question.  

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