Samantha* came to BizLatte in the final semester of her senior year of college. She was excited to begin her career upon graduation, yet did not have a clear strategy of where to apply. Like many intelligent people, she had multiple options in front her and wanted to determine her next steps. The semester was coming to an end and her main goal was to graduate with a dream job. 

The issues were:

  • Had many options in front of her
  • Did not know where to apply 
  • Wanted her dream job by the time she graduated


Samantha went through BizLatte's systematic process for individuals looking for a job who are unclear of where to start. Our first session was centered on narrowing her options. One of Bizlatte's specialties is helping people determine their definition of a dream job. By the end of the first session, we had determined the two cities where she would like to live and her preferred industry. 

Simultaneously, we spent time cleaning up her LinkedIn profile to great success. Samantha mentioned, "I really enjoyed learning about how to create a better LinkedIn profile. Once I made a few of your recommended changes and added more connections, I was receiving more interview opportunities from great companies than ever I had before."

Our following sessions focused on continually trimming companies to target for employment. We discussed the differences between small and large companies, departments within businesses, and possible future growth. After a month, Samantha made the commitment to look for a position at a large company in the technology industry. 

The next steps were to reach out to current contacts and ask for connections within technology companies. It took time to make inroads, yet eventually, Samantha had set multiple interviews.

In Sum:

  • Samantha narrowed where she wanted to work
  • We improved her LinkedIn profile 
  • Instead of sending hundreds of applications, we focused on her network for connections 
  • She had multiple interviews within a few months


Samantha was ambitious and dedicated as she continually put in the time to develop professionally. In just a few short months she had set multiple interviews. All of her interviews came through her current network. She did not send out applications through online portals. 

There were two companies she was interested in, and after prepping for interviews, she was offered a position at both. She excitedly took the offer from Applied Materials which matched her definition of a dream job.

Samantha is the epitome of a person who took the initiative to do the right things to reach her goals and begin her career with enthusiasm.  


She utilized 1-on-1 coaching through remote meetings. Samantha deserves the credit for finding her dream job. A coach is simply someone who provides tools to reach a goal, if you are willing to put in the effort you can have similar results. 

*name has been changed for privacy


Feb 2017 

Begun to narrow the options of where she wanted to work and her desired industry.

Mar 2017

With a clean LinkedIn profile, she started to reach out to current contacts to connect her with technology companies.

Apr 2016 

Secured multiple interviews and two job offers. The one she took matched her idea of a dream job.

“Working with Matt really helped me narrow my focus on the legacy I want to leave and follow practical steps in order to achieve it. I now have an incredible job that allows me to follow my dreams and share the information I have learned from Matt with other students searching for career opportunities.” ~ Samantha