Are you Good at What You Do?

It's amazing how infrequent this question is asked. Seriously, if we took an objective look at what you do, would it hold up against your peers?

Are you in the top 80th percentile? What about the 90th percentile? In the past, for my marketing business, I have attained clients based on referrals. Business from a recommendation is the highest honor, yet I still offer my portfolio. I want people to know I practice my craft daily and continue to improve which in turn helps my clients. 

What about you? Are you practicing daily? Do you read up on your industry? When was the last time you tried a project just because you wanted to learn a new skill?

As part of the BizLatte team, I meet people all the time who are looking for a better job and their dream life. Some of these people are in bad situations and need a little correction, others are just not on the right path and with some direction they take off to their ideal career, and then there are those who aren't putting in the effort. 

It takes time and discipline to become world class at anything; however, you can make it to the 80th percentile quickly. Just yesterday, I was working with a client on their LinkedIn profile. All they had was their picture and job title. After 2.5-hours, he made it to LinkedIn's "All Star" status by following the steps in our LinkedIn e-guide. He made it to the top 80% of all profiles in an afternoon. 

For your career, you can do similar things. You know what the best competitive advantage is in the workplace? Do your job well.

During the next week, be cognizant of the businesses you visit, see advertised, or hear about. A majority of them likely are bad businesses. They have poor customer service, bad design, an unnecessary product, or are just lazy. You will start to notice many people just aren't good at their jobs.

Don't let that be you. Do the right things, get better every day, and take pride in your work. You will shoot up to the 80th percentile and can then move upward to world-class status. 

Matt Avery