Are You Overworked?

I don't know about you, but I have a bad habit of working too much. Life seems so different than the past, we are always going and connected to each other at all times. It is normal for me to receive a text message or email late at night from a client asking for a project. 

As crazy as it sounds . . . I usually enjoy these requests. Knocking out projects makes me feel useful and productive. Yet, this could be detrimental. 

Here is a quote I read yesterday which I can't shake.

There is no virtue in doing more that our fair share of the work.
— J. Oswald Sanders

That quote is really pushing me to realize doing excellent work is important, but we should only do our fair share. At the end of my life, nobody will care if I responded to emails late at night, but they will care if I was a good husband, father, and person in my community.

Matt Avery