Are you Tired? Good! Keep Getting Better

Years ago I was a personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness. As a 20-year-old, it was a great job. I made decent money, worked out every day, and was around attractive people. Sounds good right?

There was one major flaw in the system. Personal trainers work weird hours. Think about it, when do most people work out? Before and after work; therefore, I could have a client at 7:00 am and another at 8:00 pm. The hours were rough, most days were split between a morning and evening shift. During the day is when I would workout with other trainers. 

There were some days where I was completely exhausted from the crazy hours and did not want to workout. Those were the days I forced myself to workout. And you know what?

They were amazing sessions! I would push myself beyond mental constraints and my body went into autopilot. 

Fast forward a decade. There are many days where I work 10, 12, or 14-hour days. Multiple days in a row. Guess what? I get tired and want to binge on Reddit . . . while watching Netflix. Yet, I push myself for professional development. Don't get it twisted. You need to rest and relax. However, in these moments of exhaustion, instead of a Netflix marathon, I will practice my craft, read a book, watch a TedTalk, or connect with my family. 

Being tired is normal, what you do with that time will determine your future. Will you keep going, or waste your precious time? We can keep going even when we are tired. Just be smart. Do something mindless but productive when you are tired and you will continue to grow.

Matt Avery