Confessions of a Road Rager


The first thought that came to mind, right after almost being hit by another car, was “Éste mamag….” (O yes, my cursing works automatically in Spanish). Right when I was about to finish that thought, the magic happened.

How many times have you been driving and that experience ruins your whole day?

Maybe it was because someone cut you off, someone was driving too slow or too fast, or maybe… just maybe… it was also your fault that something happened while driving that pissed you off.

The truth is that we have to take ownership of our behaviors, and the situations we get in because we are responsible for that. We can’t control others, or what happens around us, so there is no point in trying to focus on others and their actions.

There is no point in complaining about what happens to us because that only makes things worse.

Something magical happens when we start training our minds to focus on opportunities rather than problems. We start noticing more positive things and less negative ones.

Don’t get me wrong. Being positive doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, or that everything will be joy and laughter, it just means that we train our brain to always look for what is positive in every situation.

Meditation can help with that. Yes, it has a lot of other benefits. But to me, it’s another way to strengthen one of our most valuables muscles, our brain. I’ve been meditating daily for the past two years and it is a habit that is here to stay.

Let’s go back to when I was almost hit by another car so that we can see the benefits of meditation in real life.

Years ago, in that same situation (almost being hit by another car who was doing something illegal), I would’ve had an intense episode of road rage. Emotions all over the place, cursing and yelling, and maybe even trying to catch up with the other person just to share my thoughts on what just happened with them.

What a waste of time and energy!

This time, right when I was about to complete the phrase “Éste mamagu….” another thought came to mind: “I am grateful that I have good reflexes because I just avoided an accident that would’ve ruined my day and possibly increased my insurance rate.”

And after that, I lived happily ever after. No increased heartbeat, no hot ears, no time and energy wasted.

Can you see how this skill could be valuable when having a tough conversation with your boss, a client, or an employee?

Business is full of crucial conversations, where emotions are flying around and opinions differ, and being able to control or thoughts and feelings in those situations will lead to valuable results.