Do you Hate Your Job?

I absolutely love the BizLatte team! We struggle each day, everything is difficult, and failure seems to outpace success. But you know what? I love our team dynamic and helping others. 

Our job is to help others plain and simple. What's not to like?

How about you? Do you enjoy or hate your job? If you answered in the negative, we have a problem. The BizLatte team can verify that I nerd out all the time. For half a decade I was an anthropology instructor at the University of Houston and see things slightly different than others. 

In the grand scheme of the universe, how much time do you have to enjoy your life?

Just a blink of an eye.

Humans are new to the universe, if the entire history of space and time were condensed to a 24-hour clock, humans arrived at 11:59 and 59 seconds PM. That's both incredible and frightening because it means you don't have much time when you look at things in perspective. 

Your time quickly evaporates. Why would you spend time at a job you hate? Do something you love. Of course, there will be tough times and parts of your job will never be fun, but overall you should be excited to do your job. 

Maybe you think it's impossible to get a great job. Don't worry, BizLatte was created exactly for you! We want to help you attain your dream job. Your first step is just clicking HERE to see our free and paid services for you to reach your professional goals. 

Don't wait another day, time is slipping. 

Matt Avery