Do You Hate Your Job? Here's One Reason Why

Guess how many workers in the United States are "engaged" in their work? What do you think? 

  • 75%
  • 66%
  • 50%
  • 33%
  • 25%

If you answered 33% you are correct, it's actually only 32% (Gallup). Does that number shock you? BTW Gallup uses the phrase "engaged" as a nice way of saying "enjoy." Essentially 2/3 of American's do not like their job and 17.2% are "actively disengaged" - these are the people who purposefully mess stuff up. 

How is it that we have built a society where a majority of our life is doing things we don't like to do? Aren't we the "most enlightened" generation ever? Don't we know more about the world and universe than previous generations? Yet, most of us spend our adult lives going to jobs we don't like. 


Trust me, I am not some optimist who thinks we can all have some utopian dream world where each day is filled with Hedonistic delights. No, that's definitely not me, but I do think we can all enjoy our jobs because I have met many people from low- to high-socioeconomic levels who love what they do. Sure, there are tough parts of any job, but for the most part, how would you rate your enjoyment of work?

If it's low, there are likely many reasons, but there is a cause people overlook. Your co-workers.

“Why work with a group of people who don’t even like each other?” 
― Peter Thiel

Take a moment and think. Have you ever had a job that wasn't satisfying, but you worked with people you liked? I know I have and liked the job, not because of what I did but because of who I worked with.

Many of us spend more time with our co-workers than with our partners and/or children. Your co-workers are the people you are around for days, months, and years. Shouldn't you like them?

I know, I know, you work somewhere and didn't have any say in your co-workers. WRONG. You chose to work there. You could have said no to the job and kept looking. We pick our jobs just as much as companies pick their employees. 

So when you are looking around at your job, start to take notice. Do you like your co-workers, could you be more likable, and could you improve the culture around you? Surrounding yourself with people you like automatically makes work more enjoyable. 

Matt Avery