Friday Flashback: Eat While Walking

I have blogged for about 18-months now. There has been some amazing experience. Blogging led to meeting Pavi and Nammy of the 9to5 MisFits, starting BizLatte, and clients for my first business - Elisha Consulting

As I look back on those first blogs I am fascinated at what I wrote about (and how bad they were). Here is an example from one of those first blogs titled "Eat While Walking." It was written while I was still in my MBA program. If you are busy, you will relate to it. 

Originally published on 9/23/2015 on LinkedIn

Last week a sudden realization came to me, I was eating my only meal of the day, a sandwich while walking to night class. In the morning I had a quick breakfast shake, not really a meal, and was too busy with a client during the day to grab lunch. Instead, I powered through the afternoon to make it to school at night and had just enough time to park, grab a sandwich, and finish it by the time I made it to my classroom.

You are probably asking yourself, why is he talking about eating a sandwich? The short answer is that there are many sacrifices that have to be made on the path to success. Did I want to eat three meals that day, of course; do I want to sleep more, definitely; but those are not options at the moment as I am working on my business and finishing up my MBA program.

When people ask about starting their own company or being a high-achiever, I usually look at them and wonder if they know how much they will have to sacrifice. 

Here is the secret to success, it is much harder to achieve than you could ever imagine. 

I am not even to my goals yet, but my company is doing well and I am on pace to graduate in May with a high GPA and the leader of multiple student organizations. I do not write that to brag but to simply state if you want to reach your goals, then you will need to give up your comfort.

Forget eating three times a day, sleeping in, going out on the weekends, watching TV, or the other comforts you enjoy. If you want to reach your goals, then you will consistently be outside of your comfort zone with failure looming all around you waiting to strike when you decide to sit down to eat when you should have been walking to class with a sandwich to make it on time.

The sacrifices are worth it to reach your goals.  I can already see that in a couple years I will actually work less than most of my peers because I am setting a foundation for success which will allow me to pursue my purpose while having steady revenue streams. My life now is not going to be my life in the future, but I am willing to eat while walking in order to reach my future goals.

Matt Avery