Get Better Tools for Your Craft

It has been nearly two years, but I finally purchased that big ticket item. 

Yes, I bought a desk! I know what you are thinking, whoa don't get too wild. It was finally time. My consulting business is nearly 2-years old and I realized buying a desk was a sign of commitment. I was using a breakfast table as my desk, which was a hand-me-down.

The associated chair broke about a year ago. For the past 12-months, I have used a stool which, again, was a hand-me-down. I think the stool is 16 or so years old. The thing is I was not committing to my career choice. Buying a desk was symbolic. It meant I was staking my claim as a consultant who needs a desk. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for me it was important.

What about you? Are you dedicated to your career? It might not be a desk, but are you investing in your job choice? Have you joined your industry's professional organization? Do you have nice clothes? If you are in tech, do you have solid hardware and/or software?

Growing requires committing to our chosen career path and investing in ourselves.

Take some time to think how you could improve professionally and make the investment.

Matt Avery