I am White and I am a Minority

Hold onto your pitchforks and don't get triggered. Give me a few minutes and let me explain. 

Recently, I noticed I am routinely one of the few white people when I am working, at a networking event, or just hanging out with friends. Practically, I know Houston is the most diverse city and the University of Houston is the second most diverse college campus in the United States. Yet, the diversity didn't really hit me until a friend (Indian, of course) asked me how it feels to regularly be around minorities. 

I hadn't really thought about it beforehand. The people I surround myself with share similar traits as me, they are ambitious, caring, creative, loyal, and simply fun to be around. I don't really think about their skin color, gender, or religious affiliation. They are my colleagues and friends. 

Why do I bring this up? Simple. I was at the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 40th annual luncheon yesterday surrounded by minorities. I felt at home. As the CEO of the Chamber said, the members are passionate and persistent. I like that. 

Who are you normally around? Do the people look like you but don't share your ideals? If so maybe it's time to reflect. Don't twist my words, I do know white people and am around them as well. Yet, skin color is not my criteria for working together or friendship. Instead, I look for traits which align with my philosophy on life. 

Maybe you should do the same and embrace diversity.

Matt Avery