If You Make Excuses You Are a Loser


Excuses are for losers. Period.

If you want to be king of the hill, then you have to show up every… single… day. You have to show up when you are sick… you have to show up when it’s raining… you have to show up no matter what.

It is exactly when you don’t feel like showing up that you must show up. That is when it matters.

Everyone can do work when everything is going great for them. We can all make it happen when we are feeling good. But what about when life is throwing obstacle after obstacle at us? What about when nothing seems to be working for us? That’s exactly when most give up. That is why it is very lonely at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the meaning of life is to be king of the hill. Not everyone is here to win. Not everyone is obsessed with winning, and that is OK. Just don’t complain if you don’t  have what others have if you are not willing to do what they did to get it.

There is a direct correlation between success and the capacity to make no excuses and show up no matter what. I’m sure that I could find many stories, and research, about this topic but I want to make it simple.

Just think about the people you have around you. Who are the most successful? When have you seen them making excuses or not showing up?

I’m talking about the top 1%. You can make it to the top 10% or even to the top 5% with an excuse here and there… but you will never be king of the hill if you make excuses.

There are countless stories about Michael Jordan and his competitive nature… same with Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Abraham Lincoln not giving up after losing over and over again.

Learn to rest, resting is allowed. Our minds our bodies need to recharge.

But never quit!