If You're Creative . . . Create


It sounds obvious, yet I am surprised by how many people are in a creative field who don't create on their own. They could be a marketer, programmer, writer, or another field which places a high emphasis on creating. 

These are the people who should create something new every day to master their craft. New creations don't have to be masterpieces, instead, they are steps to the eventual masterpiece. My "main" career is in marketing where I run a small consulting business. We build websites, improve user-experience (UX), design collateral, and manage large digital campaigns. I could simply do my job, shut down each day and be done.

Yet, how would I break new ground if I only did the same things daily without trying something new? BizLatte is my oasis as it allows me to help others and create. A day rarely goes by where I don't create something for BizLatte. It could be a blog, infographic, digital guide, or quote card. Simultaneously, I am providing value (hopefully) to others, releasing creativity, learning new skills, and simply having fun. 

If you are in any creative field you must do the same. One of the reasons I love marketing is because work speaks for itself and the way to get better is to practice. Age, ethnicity, gender, and education don't matter when it comes to creativity. It's all about what you produce. 

Get out there and create something amazing and don't forget to make some mistakes along the way, those are sometimes the fondest memories when you look back on your life. 

Matt Avery